Pump Rules’ Tom Schwartz Shares Baby Update With Katie Maloney, Says She’ll Be an “Incredible Mom” One Day

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Pump Rules' Tom Schwartz Admits He "Never Got Around" to Having Kids With Katie But Says She'll Be an "Incredible Mom" One Day: "It's Not Too Late"

Tom Schwartz offered an update on his family planning with wife Katie Maloney while attending a Super Bowl party over the weekend in Los Angeles.

After opening up about their fertility struggles amid Vanderpump Rules season nine, as well as the abortion Katie had early on in their relationship, Tom admitted to slacking on their efforts to conceive before stating that Katie will be an “incredible mom” one day.

“Time will tell,” Tom told Us Weekly of having kids. “I don’t know [when]… I love kids. We just never got around to it. It’s not too late, I know.”

While Tom acknowledged that Katie will make an “incredible mom,” he said he’s honed in on his “plant daddy” skills.

“Is that creepy?” he wondered. “I’ve got a green thumb now. … I’m obsessed with plants.”

Tom and Katie got married for the first time in California in August 2016, and they wed again, due to a paperwork error involving their initial big day, in Las Vegas in 2019.

Since their second wedding, Tom and Katie have spoken about their timeline for having kids on a number of occasions, one of which involved Lisa Vanderpump questioning Katie about whether she was truly trying to get pregnant.

Looking back on the moment during an episode of her podcast, You’re Gonna Love Me, Katie said the chat felt “invasive.”

“I’m talking to Lisa and she’s like, ‘Well, are you guys going to see a fertility doctor? Did you even try?’ That question, I get where it was coming from. It was coming from a good place. But it can feel very invalidating and invasive because it’s like, ‘Yes I tried. Of course we tried,’” Katie explained. “I get it, people are curious and they want to know, but it’s rude. It just comes across as rude.”

Katie added on the episode that she’s “tired of being asked that … and tired of answering that” as she and husband Tom are moving at their “own pace” when it comes to starting a family.

Bravo has not yet revealed whether Vanderpump Rules will be returning for a 10th season.

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