RHOC’s Emily Simpson Suspects Shannon is Jealous of Heather and Gina and Reacts to Criticism Over Treatment of Noella as Kelly Accuses Her of “Projecting”

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RHOC's Emily Simpson Suspects Shannon is Jealous of Heather and Gina and Reacts to Criticism Over Treatment of Noella as Kelly Accuses Her of "Projecting"

Emily Simpson believes Shannon Beador is jealous of Gina Kirschenheiter‘s friendship with Heather Dubrow.

On Twitter on Wednesday night, amid the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Emily shared her thoughts on Noella Bergener‘s ongoing complaints about her divorce and Shanon’s feelings about their co-stars’ relationship as former cast member Kelly Dodd weighed in on her own page.

“I really tried with Noella but just couldn’t anymore at that point!” Emily admitted on February 16 of the events of Wednesday’s show. “Was it just me, or do you think Shannon might be jealous of Heather’s relationship with Gina?”

RHOC Emily Simpson Has Had Enough of Noella Bergener's Divorce

According to Emily, she feels Shannon has ill feelings about Heather’s friendship with Gina. But according to one of Emily’s followers, they believe it is actually Emily who is jealous of how close the two women have gotten.

“I think you are jealous of it not Shannon,” they wrote.

“Fair thought, but no I’m not,” Emily replied.

RHOC Emily Simpson Denies Being Jealous of Gina Kirschenheiter

Another Twitter user called out Emily for her treatment of Noella during the episode, which featured Emily reaching her breaking point with how frequently Noella was mentioning her divorce from James Bergener and often using it as an excuse for acting out.

“You were and are rude.. You spoke to Noella like she’s a Child!! You’re irreverent to the show. Also, you’re the one jealous of Gina and Heather.. Grow up.. You’re a horrible person,” that person stated.

“Thanks, I’ll take that under advisement!” Emily said in response to the criticism.

Emily Simpson Responding to Hater Saying She's Irrelevant on RHOC

Also on Twitter, Emily received a tweet from former RHOC co-star Kelly, who has shared her thoughts on the show in recent weeks following her departure from the cast in June of last year.

“Are you jealous of Gina and Heather’s relationship?? Projecting much?” Kelly asked.

RHOC Kelly Dodd Thinks Emily Simpson is Jealous of Heather and Gina

Just last month, during an episode of her podcast with husband Rick Leventhal, Unmasked, Kelly and Rick accused Emily and Gina of being “all up in Heather’s butt.”

“That’s not even kissing a** that’s, like, licking it!” they said.

Meanwhile, weeks prior, the couple suggested Shannon was also kissing up to Heather.

“[Shannon]’s afraid of her!… Poor Shannon… She doesn’t have her real friends to back her up. So she has to kiss her a–… It’s bullshit,” Kelly stated.

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