Camille Grammer Accuses “Boring” Crystal of “Reaching for a Storyline” on RHOBH, Describes Erika as a “Know It All” and Shades Dorit as “Cute But Insufferable”

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHOBH's Camille Grammer Says "Boring" Crystal is "Reaching for a Storyline" as She Describes Erika as a "Know It All" and Shades Dorit as "Cute But Insufferable"

Camille Grammer is bored with Crystal Kung-Minkoff.

After watching Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Bravo reality show’s former cast member took to her Twitter page, where she slammed Crystal for “reaching” while also spotlighting Erika Jayne‘s knowledge of the law and shading Dorit Kemsley as “insufferable.”

“Boring Crystal storyline.. ugh. Reaching for a storyline,” Camille tweeted on June 16.

Then, when a fan suggested she was “such a messy boots,” Camille said she prefers the label of “truth slayer.”

Camille Grammer Slams Crystal's Boring Storyline on RHOBH

In another message, Camille, who wondered if she heard it correctly that Erika said she “can help tutor the ladies to take the bar exam,” reacted to a clip in which Erika was seen bragging about visiting the United States Supreme Court and saying she’s “done it all, law-wise.”

“I definitely think that I can pass the bar, at least in California,” Erika had noted.

And when a fan said that the comments were made amid RHOBH season nine, Camille said she always found Erika to be a “know it all.”

“She was always a know it all while filming,” Camille stated.

RHOBH Camille Grammer Slams Erika Jayne as a Know It All

After a fan then noted that Erika has claimed to know nothing about the allegations made against her and her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, including accusations that they used his former clients’ money to fund their over-the-top lifestyle, Camille noted, “That’s my point.”

“Wasn’t she playing dumb about anything legal last season?” the fan asked.

RHOBH Camille Grammer Suggests Erika Jayne Knows More Than She Leads on

In another tweet, after noting that she had sided with Kyle Richards and Sutton Stracke in their ongoing feud with Crystal, who accused Sutton of saying something “dark” amid their racial discussion of season 11 but played coy about what it actually was, Camille reacted to a fan who asked her about Dorit Kemsley‘s home invasion.

“What did [you] think of the Dorit break in? Legit? No security and no alarms on? Alone [with] kids??” the person asked.

“I think she’s so boring,” Camille responded, failing to acknowledge the robbery. “She is cute but insufferable.”

RHOBH Camille Grammer Describes Dorit Kemsley as Boring and Insufferable

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