Brittany Cartwright on How Jax Taylor’s “Rage Text” Led to Stassi Feud, Shares Real Reason for Absence at Wedding and If She’s Heard from Vanderpump Rules Alum as Scheana Weighs in

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Brittany Cartwright on How Jax's "Rage Text" Impacted Stassi Feud, Shares Real Reason for Absence at Wedding and If She’s Heard Back from Vanderpump Rules Alum as Scheana Weighs in

Brittany Cartwright and Scheana Shay discussed her “rift” with Stassi Schroeder on the latest episode of Scheana’s podcast.

After the Vanderpump Rules alum seemingly called Brittany and Jax Taylor out on her own podcast, suggesting that the couple ditched her and Beau Clark‘s Italian wedding just hours before they left the country and noting that real friends wouldn’t have done something so cruel, Brittany addressed the controversial texts Jax sent and revealed if she’s heard from Stassi in the weeks since.

“I don’t actually know what all the text messages were. I personally never sent any text messages. I will make that very clear because I would never do that to them,” Brittany said on the July 1 episode of Scheananigans. “I was planning on going 1,000, 100 percent. Jax just started getting in his head, getting all worked up about flying with the baby — and you know how Jax is, he’ll just text and rage text and everything else. I don’t even know exactly what all he said but I know he was expressing his doubts and that he didn’t really think he wanted to go anymore.”

Although Jax’s messages were to one of their mutual friends, Rob, Rob ultimately passed on the texts to Stassi and Beau.

“He shouldn’t have done it and whenever I found out about it, I was very upset with him,” Brittany admitted of her husband’s antics. “He was venting and rambling off. And I apologized and I was like, ‘I’m so sorry, we still plan on coming.’ And they got really mad at both of us and didn’t really talk to us for a couple of weeks.”

According to Brittany, she expedited her son’s passport earlier this year but even today, the document has not arrived.

“I should have planned better on like Cruz’s passport and stuff, but everything was so backed up. It was poor planning on my part, but it was so hard to get that passport,” Brittany explained.

Continuing on, Brittany said she felt guilty because she didn’t want to upset Stassi and Beau.

“It was so nerve-wracking. I was breaking out in hives. I didn’t want to upset them. I wanted to make it and you know I’ve never been away from my baby so it was down to the last minute, like, ‘Am I going to go by myself? What am I going to do?’ And my mom couldn’t go anymore with me. She was at least going to go with me and then her best friend’s husband passed away so of course, she flew home,” Brittany revealed. “It was just all these things and I felt so bad.”

While Brittany admitted that she and Jax “were in the wrong,” she suggested Stassi was mad at her for a reason that wasn’t legitimate.

“I think the reason they are so mad is because they think that we knew weeks leading up to it that we weren’t coming and we waited to the last minute,” she suspected. “And they think that we went to the golf tournament instead of the wedding. But really, we went to that golf tournament because we didn’t go to the wedding.”

Following their absence at Stassi and Beaus’s wedding, Brittany “sent [Stassi] money for [their] plates” but never heard from Stassi

“I’m literally doing anything I can to make it right,” she insisted. “I have reached out since the wedding and said, ‘Everything is so gorgeous and I hope that we can talk one day and I’m so sorry how things went down,’ [but] I haven’t gotten any response just yet.”

Also on the podcast, Scheana admitted that she didn’t appreciate the narrative Stassi seemingly put out about Brittany on her podcast.

“I didn’t like this narrative that I’ve seen online. [Her podcast comments were] insinuating that it was rude that [Brittany] did this at the last minute and ‘How dare you?'” she noted.

Scheana also shaded her former castmate for failing to respond to their friend, saying that her snub is “really upsetting,” and stated that her disinvite was “very impersonal.”

After first claiming she was understanding of Stassi’s decision, Scheana said she felt insulted that Stassi sent her a screenshot of a mass email rather than a personal message and revealed that she learned she had been uninvited to her and Beau’s special day just “three weeks before the wedding.”