Erika Jayne Accuses Some RHOBH Costars of Exaggerating Her Drinking, Addresses Behavior During Asher’s Performance as Cast Reacts

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Erika Jayne Addresses Drunken Antics on RHOBH, Says Certain Costars Made Too Big of a Deal of Drinking and Talks Diana's Fiancé Asher's Performance as Cast Reacts

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Erika Jayne may have gotten drunk on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But she doesn’t think her co-stars should be worried about her alcohol consumption.

Following Wednesday’s episode, which was set at Diana Jenkins‘ cast Christmas party, Erika looked back on her behavior, as well as her somewhat unwelcome sing-a-long with Diana’s fiancé, Asher Monroe, as the rest of the cast reacted to her drunken antics.

“I had a little too much Christmas cheer,” Erika admitted on the July 27 episode of the RHOBH: After Show. “What can I say? It’s Christmas, and I was sad if you wanna know the truth… Everybody’s celebrating, and everybody has a family, and I’m standing here, and I’m like, ‘[What] the f-ck do I have, except a good time?’ So that’s what I did, I had a good time.”

After she attempted to defend Erika amid her booze-fueled dramatics, Kyle Richards recalled thinking, “This timing could not be worse.”

“I’d just been sitting here, defending Erika [and] she walks in and can barely stand up,” Kyle shared.

Still, she didn’t think it was a reason for concern.

“For seven years, I’ve never seen Erika ever be drunk. So I’m thinking, ‘If we’ve seen her drunk a few times in the last six months, she’s gone through a lot.’ So I’m not really thinking it’s that big of an issue,” she explained.

“Her life has fallen apart. So, when your life falls apart, you can act in strange ways,” Sutton Stracke agreed.

But Garcelle Beauvais wasn’t so sure.

“It’s one thing to let your hair down and have a good time, and it’s another thing to be out of control. For me, it seemed like it was getting progressively worrisome,” Garcelle stated. “Of course, she deserves to let her hair down. She deserves to have some fun. But when is it ‘let your hair down and have some fun’ and then when is it dangerous?”

Crystal Kung-Minkoff was also skeptical of Erika’s over-consumption of alcohol, saying that while she thought to herself, “Is she drinking too much?,” she hoped it would be a “one-off.” (Crystal also shaded Kyle for “negating” Garcelle’s thoughts on the matter).

“Here’s the thing also I’d like to say: Dorit’s known me for what, seven years now? Have you ever seen me like that?” Erika asked Dorit Kemsley, in defense of her seemingly new habit.

“No,” Dorit replied.

“I’ve always been the most in control, uptight, tightly laced… [Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley] was like, ‘Erika, you’re such good time.’ I was like, ‘Yeah I know… It’s the real me.’ They wanted to see this, and then they got a big dose. And then they were like, ‘Okay, calm it down,’” Erika shared.

And Dorit felt the same, telling her co-star, “I think that’s why a lot of us that have known her for a long time, we weren’t looking at it as, ‘Oh you shouldn’t be doing this.’ We were so excited.”

“The women that know me for many years were very supportive and [said], ‘You actually earned the right to do this.’ But I think there were some others in the group that wanted to make something of it that it really isn’t, but I had a good time with my friends,” Erika concluded.

Also, on the RHOBH: After Show, after Kyle pointed out that Diana’s fiancé, Asher, who sang Christmas songs amid the event, was “so talented,” Garcelle labeled Erika a “heckler.”

“[I] was the most entertaining thing at that party,” Erika said, before quickly adding, “No, Asher was great.”

“[But] I was the second most entertaining thing, behind Asher,” she continued.

Erika then noted that after apologizing to Diana for her behavior, Diana told her, “Honey, it wouldn’t have been a good party if there wasn’t someone doing this.'”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.