Bethenny Frankel Feuds With Andy Cohen and Jeff Lewis on WWHL, See Testy Exchange as She Talks Unfollowing Kyle, and Wedding Plans, Plus Shades Thirsty Jill and Dorinda

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Bethenny Frankel Feuds With Andy and Jeff Live on WWHL Over Podcast and Unfollowing Kyle, Shades Thirsty Jill and Dorinda, and Talks Wedding Plans

Bethenny Frankel feuded live on air with Andy Cohen and Jeff Lewis on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

While discussing her controversial new podcast, ReWives, and her decision to unfollow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Kyle Richards, the Real Housewives of New York City alum was called out by Andy and the former Flipping Out cast member before shading her former RHONY castmates as thirsty and offering an update on her plans to wed Paul Bernon.

“You and I are in a major public feud right now,” Andy began on the December 7 episode of WWHL. “I said I thought it was kinda hypocritical of you because you’ve been trashing the Housewives publicly for the last three years to now go deep on the Housewives and your response is?”

“My response is you did not say that to me privately. You said that publicly,” Bethenny replied, accusing Andy of taking “the bait.”

Although Andy revealed he told Bethenny privately that he was glad she was “embracing the Housewives,” Bethenny pointed out that his public statements were much different.

“I said I was [shocked], and then on the radio, I said I need to explain why I’m shocked: She’s been trashing the show for three years,” Andy revealed.

But Bethenny insisted, “I actually haven’t been trashing the show. I’ve said it wasn’t for me because I do think that it was toxic and I’m entitled to not want to be there but still wanna talk about it. How could I be on for a decade and not have reflections? And I’m not trashing people on the show.”

According to Andy, Bethenny called RHONY “boring” and “toxic” and said it puts “women against other women.” And after initially denying she said RHONY: Legacy was “boring,” Bethenny admitted it was Andy’s announcement regarding the RHONY split that was, in fact, “boring.”

“You announced two different things at the same time and I didn’t really understand,” she explained. “I do think it was a boring announcement. But it’s not surprising that I would reflect upon such an experience of my life and it’s not a trash-and-grab show. It’s a show where I’m talking about things people might not have known. I even defend, ironically, [Kelly Bensimon], thinking about what might have been going on really in her mind in Scary Island and things that people wouldn’t know about the trips.”

At that point, Jeff got in on the action, joking that “no one’s ever done a recap show for Housewives” and asking, “How is yours different?”

“Well, I wasn’t let go by Bravo. I actually left of my own choice. I’m not a disgruntled employee. I left twice and I have a welcome door to come back,” she responded as Jeff confirmed he was “fired,” and Bethenny said that’s why he’s “bitter.”

“No. I’m not bitter at all. I landed in a better place,” Jeff replied.

“That’s what they all say,” Bethenny clapped back. “You opened the door, baby. Don’t come for this B unless you wanna get shot.”

While Jeff attempted to downplay their live, on-air drama, saying he had “no issues” with Bethenny, Bethenny accused him of “shade.”

“I said, ‘How’s yours different? Let’s promote it,’” Jeff clarified. “Don’t be so defensive.”

“I’m not mad at you,” Bethenny insisted.

“You seem still angry, but we can talk later,” Jeff replied.

And they did talk later — about how Bethenny unfollowed Kyle on Instagram.

“I love Kyle. I have a good relationship with Kyle. I don’t actually follow all of my friends because I like to catch up with them personally so there are people on there that I’m not good friends with. I’m not that methodical about it,” Bethenny explained of her decision to stop following the RHOBH star.

But Jeff wasn’t sold and questioned whether she was being honest.

“Call her up and ask. We text all the time,” Bethenny insisted.

“It’s just weird that you stopped following her,” replied.

“It’s weird that you’re so desperate that you care who I’m following,” Bethenny clapped back.

Then, after Jeff denied he is “desperate,” continuing to say it was “just weird” that Bethenny would unfollow Kyle for no reason if they’re such “good [friends],” Bethenny pointed out that she doesn’t follow him, despite their own friendship.

“But you’re closer to Kyle than you are to me,” he noted.

“I don’t see Kyle that often… Why are you so angry?” Bethenny wondered. Jeff then responded, “I am not angry.”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Bethenny was asked who she thinks is thirstier: Jill Zarin or Dorinda Medley.

“It’s just, different. I’d have to say that Jill is probably thirstier for sure. But Dorinda wants it really badly too,” Bethenny replied. “Dorinda wants it badly. They both do. But that’s okay.”

Also on the live broadcast, Bethenny spoke of topics pertaining to fiancé Paul, including when they will get married.

“I don’t know when we’re getting married. I’m happily in a partnership and I love him so much but I don’t want to plan a wedding,” she admitted.

And after being asked by Jeff if she follows Paul on Instagram, Bethenny revealed that while she does currently, she suffered a bit of an online mixup when they first began dating.

“It’s funny because, in the beginning, I was following the wrong one because there’s another [Paul Bernon],” she explained.

“I don’t look as much as you would think,” Bethenny added of her social media activity.