RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Denies Lenny’s Hot Mic Was “Edited,” Says He Communicated With “Insta H-es” Against Wishes, and Slams Katharina

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RHOM's Lisa Hochstein Denies Lenny's Hot Mic Was "Edited," Says He Communicated With "Insta H-es" Against Wishes, and Claims Katharina Was "Always Around" as Model is Caught "Liking" Family Pics

Lisa Hochstein is denying estranged husband Lenny Hochstein‘s claims that his hot mic moment on The Real Housewives of Miami was edited to make her look like an “innocent” victim.

After the 56-year-old plastic surgeon said he had complained about Lisa’s “constant partying” and how she wouldn’t “get out of bed all day” during the controversial scene, Lisa, 40, took to the comments section of an Instagram post to blast him for his hypocritical statements while also revealing her former partner “always” had his now-girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, a 27-year-old model from Austria, at their house.

“I talked to Bravo it’s absolutely not edited. He said what he said. He’s upset because he got caught,” Lisa explained in the comments section of an All About the Real Housewives post on Instagram that featured quotes from an interview Lenny did with Page Six.

“This coming from a guy who lived for parties at our family home with insta h-es that he would personally DM to invite. He was constantly communicating with these women against my wishes,” she continued, “including the current [girlfriend] for years. She was always around and in our home for ‘parties.'”

Lisa also said that when it comes to Lenny’s suggestion that the two of them were not sleeping together, that is not true as they shared a bed until April 25, 2022, when “he dropped [the] bomb on me.”

RHOM Lisa Hochstein Denies Lenny's Hot Mic Was Edited

As RHOM fans will recall, Lenny was caught admitting that he’d be single soon and confirming there was another woman in his life in a series of hot mic moments shared last month.

In another post, shared on her Instagram Story, Lisa proved her point about Katharina being in her and Lenny’s lives prior to their breakup by sharing a screenshot in which Katharina “liked” a holiday pic of her and Lenny with their two kids, son Logan, 7, and daughter Elle, 3, which had been shared in December 2021.

RHOM Lisa Hochstein Blasts Katharina Mazepa for Liking Family Pics Before Split

As their messy divorce continues, Lisa celebrated New Year’s Eve at the Versace Mansion on Saturday night, where she posed for an Instagram photo and seemingly shaded her ex, writing, “Happy New Years to everyone except…….”

RHOM Lisa Hochstein Shades Lenny on NYE

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