RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs Taunts Jennifer Aydin Over Bill’s Affair in Leaked DM, Shares Alleged Name of Mistress as Jennifer Accuses Her of “Sabotaging” Family

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RHONJ's Margaret Josephs Taunts Jennifer Aydin Over Bill's Affair in Leaked DM, Shares Alleged Name of Mistress as Jennifer Accuses Her of "Sabotaging" Family

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A series of leaked DMs reportedly sent by Margaret Josephs to a fan she believed to be Jennifer Aydin are causing a stir on social media.

Ahead of next month’s premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13, Margaret is seen taunting her co-star, whose husband Bill Aydin‘s affair she exposed on the season 12 premiere, by mentioning his infidelity and suggesting she knew the name of the woman he cheated with.

“Remember a couple months ago when Margaret Josephs thought I was Jennifer Aydin and threatened me, brought up someone named [redacted] and relished at the idea of a family falling? She’s pretty twisted, emojis in all,” Haters Gonna Hate But I Just Love Love Love wrote in the caption of a screenshot video on January 4.

And in Margaret’s message to the fan, which began at 8 a.m. on October 27, she accused the person of being “obsessed” with her and Melissa Gorga before demanding the “scared keyboard warrior” and “fraud” confront her live on Instagram.

“Triggered lol you are obsessed with myself and Melissa. Your entire Twitter and now Instagram is all about attacking us. Everyone knows who you are and if you truly were ‘Gabriela’ do an Insta live with me and confront me for real you coward … or wait for what’s coming,” Margaret warned in one message, also adding the nail-painting emoji.

“Insta live coward because you are about to be revealed,” she continued, asking if the person was “afraid.”

“And your husband’s girlfriend coming out,” she revealed, writing, “[redacted] called,” in another message.

Margaret then said, “Enjoy your day obsessing while he obsesses over everyone but you,” and she encouraged the person she believed to be Jennifer to “enjoy your last days before your family falls.”

And while the leaked messages were months old, Jennifer didn’t hesitate to clap back at her co-star’s words in a reshared message posted to her Instagram Story.

“She’s really enjoying the idea of a family falling, LET THAT SINK IN!” read the message posted to Jennifer’s page, which included a screenshot of Margaret’s final DM.

RHONJ Jennifer Aydin Claims Margaret Josephs Likes the Idea of a Family Falling After Leaked DM

Jennifer then reacted to Margaret’s statement in a series of Instagram comments shared by Haters Gonna Hate But I Just Love Love Love on Twitter.

“[Redacted] is the person that Margaret thinks my husband had the affair with, which is absolutely false! Now, you know me by now people, you know I would admit it if it was true- She was the coordinator at the practice he worked at 10 years ago. A professional at her job and a dear family friend- The type of person that would be appalled, insulted, and disgusted by this type of rumor!” she wrote in her first comment.

“It’s scary to see this conversation, to see how she is talking to you, thinking you’re me- To see the plotting and the relishing to sabotage and hurt my happy family- I’m disgusted,” she added in a second.


Then, in another post shared by an RHONJ fanpage on Twitter, Margaret was seen insisting that she didn’t want to hurt Jennifer’s marriage to Bill or her family.

“I know nothing about Jennifer’s marriage and I don’t want to hurt her family or her marriage. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s important to own it immediately and apologize ASAP,” Margaret shared in a comment that appears to have since been deleted.

RHONJ Margaret Josephs Claims She Doesn't Want to Hurt Jennifer Aydin's Family

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 premiers Tuesday, February 7, on Bravo.