Jax Taylor and Brittany Share Update With Stassi and Beau After Wedding Drama and Reveal Randall Emmett Owes Them Over $70k as Jax Offers Update on Mom and Talks LVP Run-In

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Jax Taylor and Brittany Share Status With Stassi and Beau After Wedding Drama and Reveal Randall Emmett Owes Them Over $70k as Jax Offers Update on Mom and Talks LVP Run-In

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Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright offered an update on their status with Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark while appearing on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

After a virtual fan wanted to know how it was when Brittany reunited with Stassi at the second birthday party of Lala Kent‘s daughter, Ocean, the former Vanderpump Rules stars looked back on their feud and spoke of Randall Emmett as Jax also dished on his recent communication with his mom and a run-in with Lisa Vanderpump.

“I will first off say that I love and miss Stassi dearly, but she actually reached out to me whenever my dog recently passed away, and that was the first break for us, so it kinda opened the doors, and we actually gave each other a hug at Ocean’s birthday party,” Brittany recalled on the March 22 episode of WWHL. “We talked for a minute, and I told her how happy I was for her that she’s having a boy now, I just want the best for them, so it was a really good moment for us.”

“I miss them too. Beau was one of my closest friends, and of course, I love Stassi to death. She’s like my sister, so like I said, I miss them terribly,” Jax added.

On the WWHL: After Show, when a fan wanted to know why they didn’t attend Stassi and Beau’s wedding, Brittany described the scenario as a “whole lotta mess.”

“We had all kinds of things. Cruz’s passport didn’t come in.. We probably, like, waited too long. I take a lot of responsibility, and I regret not being there so much. Jax was fighting the entire time cuz he doesn’t like to travel out of the country,” she recalled.

“It really wasn’t in the cards,” interjected Jax. “It was in the middle of COVID, going to a different country with a new baby, spending $20,000 on going to your second wedding. We went to the first wedding.”

“But still, if they weren’t at ours, we would’ve been so upset. I get why they were upset with me. I do,” Brittany argued.

According to Jax, he believes Stassi and Beau’s decision to cut ties with him and Brittany was a bit much.

“Ending a friendship over not going to a wedding?” he asked. “We sent them money. We sent them $500 because we felt so bad for the food so I thought $500 would cover the food at least. I don’t know what else we can do. We’re sorry.”

Meanwhile, Brittany had more empathy, saying, “It’s the sentiment, it’s an emotional connection, and us not being there meant a lot.”

While Stassi tried to return Jax and Brittany’s money, Brittany said she attempted to block it, so she couldn’t send it back.

“I’ve been trying so hard to make things right,” she noted. “I get them being upset.”

“I get it too, but can we move on from it and say, ‘Hey listen, let’s squash it we’re good friends. Life’s too short,'” Jax replied.

As for whether or not Brittany has reconciled with Katie Maloney, who stopped speaking to her amid her wedding drama with Stassi, Brittany said Katie “still hasn’t talked to me.”

“Me and Katie have never had a fight, so it’s kinda hard for me,” she admitted as her husband Jax shaded Katie’s antics.

“She’s so far up Stassi’s… It makes no sense. High school,” he stated.

Back on the live broadcast, Jax was asked about Lala’s recent claim that her former fiance owes him money.

“We’re working it out. We’re at what? [$70,000]?” he asked Brittany.

“More,” she replied, later confirming the amount is under $200,000.

Then, after host Andy Cohen asked if Jax loaned Randall money, guessing that the two of them were gonna ‘produce’ a film,” Jax refused to confirm what the money was for.

He then offered an update on his relationship with his mom, who he hasn’t spoken to since the death of his father in December 2017.

“I recently texted her, two weeks ago,” he revealed. “We haven’t spoken since our marriage, since our son. Nothing. So it’s starting.”

As for what prompted him to reach out, that honor goes to his nearly 2-year-old son, Cruz.

“I would’ve felt bad if Cruz would’ve got older and said, ‘Hey, dad, did you try? Did you try to reach out to your mom?’” he explained. “And I just feel like I would’ve kicked myself if I didn’t do it.”

Also, on the show, Jax detailed a recent run-in with Lisa.

“I haven’t seen her since… It’s [been] forever,” he noted. “I was out at TomTom. I ran into her a week and a half ago. ‘How are you doing? How’s your grandchild? How’s your kid?’ She was really nice, just typical Lisa.”

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