Tom Sandoval Says Ariana Madix Doesn’t “Reciprocate” His Love and Feels She Finds Him “Annoying,” as He Gushes Over Raquel in Vanderpump Rules Preview

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VIDEO: Tom Sandoval Says Ariana Madix Doesn't "Reciprocate" His Love and Feels She Finds Him "Annoying," as He Gushes Over Raquel in Vanderpump Rules Preview

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Tom Sandoval is seen questioning his future with Ariana Madix during a chat with Tom Schwartz in a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of Vanderpump Rules.

As Katie Maloney raised questions about his late-night club outing with Raquel Leviss, which came just months before their affair was exposed, Sandoval said that while Ariana wanted him to fertilize her eggs, he felt she was annoyed by him and claimed she didn’t reciprocate his loving gestures toward her.

“I don’t want to say that Sandoval would ever cheat on Ariana cuz, um, I would have to kill him,” Katie explains in a cast confessional on the April 26 episode of Pump Rules. “But what grabbed my attention the most [was that] Raquel and Tom were alone. I’ve been friends with Sandoval for years and I’ve never been out with him alone, dancing at 1 a.m.”

As Katie then discussed her thoughts with Lala Kent, Schwartz was seen looking back on his make-out with Raquel and the time they spent together in Mexico for Scheana Shay and Brock Davieswedding.

“I have so much more of an appreciation for Raquel,” Schwartz tells Sandoval.

“Dude, she is dope,” Sandoval replies.

“But I don’t know why I’m not more attracted to her,” Schwartz continues. Sandoval then assures him, “You don’t have to be.”

“There’s no, like, sexual chemistry,” he adds. “I have this gut feeling that she kinda has a crush on someone else.”

“Yeah?” Sandoval wonders.

Also during their chat, Sandoval reveals to Schwartz that he’s going on a cleanse.

“Ariana wants me to fertilize her eggs. It helps the eggs live longer and it’s better for them,” he explains.

“Do you wanna do this?” Schwartz asks.

“I mean, yeah,” Sandoval replies, not sounding overly confident. “I’m also just like, ‘So like, we can have kids when we’re like, 50 or something?'”

Sandoval goes on to say, “It’s been a little frustrating with Ariana.”

“We’ll be talking and she just comes at me,” he shares. “That whole girls’ trip, I wanted to talk to Lala about that, and Ariana, she’s like, ‘What, so you can go yell at women?’ And I’m like, ‘What the f-ck are you talking about?'”

“She’s quick to be dismissive of you, and that’s a slippery slope in a relationship,” Schwartz notes.

“It’s like, ‘Can you even see like, where I’m coming from like for one f-cking second?'” Sandoval wonders.

And during a cast confessional, Sandoval explains his heartbreak further.

“It hurts my feelings because the person I love thinks I’m dumb or, like, annoying. It definitely pulls in the question like, whether Ariana and I are right for each other,” he states.

Back in the scene, Sandoval tells Schwartz he’s doing his best to be a good boyfriend.

“I not only love Ariana but I work on our love, [I] nearly start off every single day with a Dumplin Latte because I know it makes her so happy,” he reveals.

Schwartz then asks, “Does she reciprocate?” And Sandoval replies, “No.”

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