Katie Maloney on Why Raquel Confronted Her, Why She Really Kissed Schwartz, and “Dark” Affair Joke, Plus Tom Sandoval’s Role in Divorce and Vanderpump Rules Reunion

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Katie Maloney on Why Raquel Confronted Her, Why She Really Kissed Schwartz, and "Dark" Affair Joke, Plus Tom Sandoval's Role in Divorce and Vanderpump Rules Reunion

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Katie Maloney appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where the Vanderpump Rules star responded to Jax Taylor‘s claim that if it weren’t for Tom Sandoval, she and Tom Schwartz would still be married.

As she tackled all things related to “Scandoval,” including when she believes Schwartz learned of Sandoval and Raquel’s affair and why she feels Raquel truly kissed her former spouse, Katie admitted that regarding the season 10 reunion, she isn’t completely satisfied with the outcome.

“I feel like we didn’t get enough answers,” Katie explained to host Andy Cohen on the May 10 episode of WWHL.

During the taping, Katie felt she didn’t get everything she wanted off her chest. And, since the special, she’s had wavering thoughts about Sandoval and Raquel.

“Some days I’m really angry. Some days I’m even more angry,” she shared.

Looking back on the latest episode of Pump Rules, which featured a feud between herself and Raquel, Katie said she did feel Raquel confronted her because Sandoval, who she was sleeping with at the time, was rumored to have found it hot when she stood up to Lala Kent.

“I think so, yeah,” she confirmed.

As for Sandoval’s involvement in their spat, Katie said it was problematic that he was more involved in Raquel confronting her than making sure his then-girlfriend Ariana Madix was okay as she cried to Lisa Vanderpump.

“Yeah. Priorities, right?” she asked.

Moving on to Schwartz and his knowledge of Sandoval and Raquel’s sordid romance, Katie reacted to Kristen Doute suggesting Schwartz knew about the affair when he joked about Raquel’s type being other people’s men.

“In hindsight now, I’m like, ‘Wow, you just over here making inside jokes. That’s so dark,'” she stated.

While Schwartz has been accused of being a “decoy” in recent months, Katie revealed her theory about when he learned of Sandoval’s relationship with their castmate.

“I think right after the wedding, after he and Raquel kissed, is when Sandoval told him because I think Raquel was playing funny games with Sandoval, maybe trying to make him jealous because you know, ‘Well, I’m single. I can do what I want. You have a girlfriend, so I’m gonna go kiss your friend,’” she speculated. “And so then Sandoval came and put a kibosh on it and told Schwartz that he and Raquel have a thing going on so Schwartz wouldn’t pursue Raquel.”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Katie was asked for her thoughts on Jax, saying if it weren’t for Sandoval, she and Schwartz would still be together.

“You know, he’s wrong, and he’s right,” Katie admitted. “I think Sandoval’s influence and Sandoval and Schwartz’s friendship definitely got in the way of a lot, but I think, you know, Schwartz didn’t really come to the table on his own as well.”

“It did not help our marriage. Their friendship did not help our marriage at all,” she added.

Then, when the top of the “number one guy in the group” was mentioned and Andy suggested that honor currently belongs to James Kennedy, Katie agreed.

“Yeah. He’s one of the gals,” she explained, reacting to James’ recent WWHL appearance.

“I saw clips. What is his quote? ‘When you do something outrageous, expect people to be outraged.’ I was like, writing that down,” she revealed.

The Vanderpump Rules season 10 finale airs next Wednesday, May 17, at 9/8c on Bravo.