Jax Taylor Reveals What He Texted His Mom Amid Their Estrangement, Why He Reached Out and “Pact” With Sister to Cut Her Off, Plus Talks Being a “Villain” on Vanderpump Rules

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Jax Taylor Reveals What He Texted Mom After Estrangement, Why He Reached Out and "Pact" With Sister to Cut Her Off, Plus Talks Being a “Villain” on Vanderpump Rules

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Jax Taylor recently reached out to his estranged mother, Marie Cauchi.

Years after he and his sister made a “pact” to cut ties with their mom, reportedly due to an incident related to the 2017 death of their father, Ronald Cauchi, Jax revealed he texted Marie after a discussion with Scheana Shay and her mom, Erika Van Olphen, and admitted that when it comes to his and Brittany Cartwright‘s December 2020 exit from Vanderpump Rules, he has no regrets.

My mental health was taking a huge hit. It was eight years of being drilled. I was the villain of the show for eight years,” Jax said on the Forever Young podcast, via Heavy. “[I was] just being hammered.”

“I have thick skin — I do — but after a while, I don’t care how thick your skin is. After eight years, it takes a toll. I was really questioning my mental health at the end,” he continued. “I was breaking down. I was crying. I was making a lot of dumb mistakes at the end. I was just collapsing. I chose to be in this world, but I was taking a beating. It’s tough.”

Just over a year after marrying Brittany in 2019, Jax announced he would be leaving Pump Rules. And, one year after that, in 2021, they welcomed their son Cruz Michael Cauchi.

Although Jax and Brittany recently began starring in Peacock’s Watch With feature, which shows them reacting to the new episodes of season 10, they’ve maintained that they would return to Pump Rules if asked.

“I think that now that he’s had his break — toward the end of his filming season 8, he was getting a little Jaxy. I think after this break you’re ready. I’m always ready,” Brittany confirmed.

Then, on an episode of When Reality Hits With Jax & Brittany, via Us Weekly, Jax revealed that Scheana’s mom convinced him to reach out to Marie.

“I haven’t spoken to my mother since my father’s funeral, which has now been five years,” Jax explained. “The reason I [got back in touch] is she reached out to Erika, Scheana’s mom. She is friends with Erika… Erika pulled me aside and said, ‘Hey, You need to reach out to your mom. What do you think about that?’”

At the time of their chat, Jax told Erika he’d consider it and got emotional about the concept.

“I just gave up,” he said. “It’s my mom. …This is what is making me happy now. I’m sending her pictures of Cruz. It hasn’t gone any further than that.”

“We haven’t spoken, but we text. I reached out to her about three weeks ago, and I’ve been sending her pictures of Cruz. This is as far as it’s gone up to this date. I sent her pictures, and I said this: ‘Listen, I know we haven’t spoken, but I want you to see your grandson.’ And I’ve been sending her pictures,” he continued.

According to Brittany, her mom, Sherri Cartwright, couldn’t imagine not spending time with Cruz. And, she feels Jax’s mom should try “harder” to be involved.

As for what led to the estrangement, Jax said it was a “really touchy subject” before noting that many “bailed” on Marie after his dad passed.

“My mother’s friends don’t talk to her anymore, her family doesn’t talk to her anymore,” he said.

Even his sister, Jenny, cut ties. And, because the two of them had made a “pact” not to communicate with her, he reached out to Jenny before speaking to Marie.

“My heart breaks. I know we don’t get along, and it sucks,” Jax shared. “I wish we could just squash this and move on. I hope maybe one day we can. Life is so fricking short. It’s so short, wasting all this time not spending it with my mother. I lost my father, and eventually, one day my mother’s not going to be there anymore, so I just feel like I have to do something.”

After some back-and-forth feelings, Jax said he ultimately decided to get back in contact with his mom for Cruz.

“She deserves to see him, she deserves to see him grow,” he explained. “I’m working on it. Family’s a tough thing … I’m putting in the effort now. I’m texting, we’re sending pictures back and forth. She is replying, not as much as I would have hoped, but she is replying.”

The Vanderpump Rules season 10 finale airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.