RHOBH’s Sutton Stracke on Asking Lots of “Questions” Amid Kyle’s Marital Problems, Morgan Wade, and Sanjit, Plus Reacts to Erika’s Pot-Stirrer Claims, Bethenny’s Union Calls, the Post-Rinna “Shift,” and Her Divorce

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RHOBH's Sutton Stracke on Asking Lots of "Questions" Amid Kyle's "Rough Year," Morgan Wade, and Sanjit, Plus Erika's Pot-Stirrer Claims, Bethenny's Union Calls, the Post-Rinna "Shift," and Her Divorce

Sutton Stracke was quite inquisitive about Kyle Richards‘ rumored separation from Mauricio Umansky amid filming on the upcoming 13th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Ahead of the new season’s premiere, Sutton, 51, reacted to the ongoing drama surrounding Kyle’s marriage to Mauricio, 53, and relationship with Morgan Wade, 28, while also reacting to Bethenny Frankel‘s union calls, Erika Jayne‘s pot-stirrer claims, and sharing what fans can expect from future episodes.

“I actually wasn’t stressed. [But] I had some sad moments,” Sutton revealed during an August 19 interview with Us Weekly. “When we go to Europe, I had some really great moments, but they were, like, sad in a personal way.”

Viewers will also see Sutton addressing her divorce from Christian Stracke, the father of her three kids, including sons James and Philip and daughter Porter.

“I talk about my divorce a lot this season so you get to learn more about my backstory. But I think it was time to tell the story,” she explained.

In January, following RHOBH season 12, Lisa Rinna, 60, announced she would not be returning to the show for her ninth season. But while some have worried that the series will lack drama without her, Sutton promised there will be “bantering” as she teased a “new cast member,” seemingly Annemarie Wiley, and “lots of changes.”

“There was a shift but then it’s not like it wasn’t interesting,” she stated.

Sutton and the cast were also joined by Denise Richards, 52, who returned for a couple of cameos after starring in seasons nine and 10.

“Denise came on and filmed with us and she’s so doggone funny. She’s smart and you have to catch her at the right time and then she can really say some very insightful things,” Sutton shared. “Besides being beautiful, she also has brains.”

As for Sutton’s personal story, she confirmed fans won’t be seeing much of her kids.

“My oldest two are now both in college and my younger son, we can’t see him but we talk about him a lot,” she revealed. “We see my son, he comes home from college and I filmed with him, and I think my daughter too… They’re in college so it was timing with that.”

Moving on to Bethenny’s calls for reality stars to unionize, Sutton suggested she’s not on board, saying there are plenty of people that aren’t gonna be in the union that could step in and do what she’s doing.

“I think, ‘Go, Bethenny, go.’ … [But] I’m happy to do my own makeup and wear my own clothes,” she stated. “I don’t know. Come on. It’s a reality television show. Why are we taking it so seriously? I’m gonna get in trouble for this one. I don’t want Bethenny coming after me.”

As RHOBH fans may have seen, Erika, 52, labeled Sutton as the “biggest pot-stirrer” of season 13 on Watch What Happens Live earlier this month. And while Sutton insisted she doesn’t “intentionally stir the pot,” she admitted she “always [asks] questions.”

“I’m very inquisitive and if I see something that I don’t think is right, I speak my mind. So if that’s stirring the pot, then I stir the pot,” she confessed.

Speaking of asking questions, Sutton had a lot for Kyle, 54, amid her marital drama with Mauricio.

“I will say I just asked a lot of questions. Are they together? I mean, we don’t know. We don’t know. I think I ask a lot of questions,” she said of what viewers will see in the series. “I love Kyle and she had a rough year last year so… and then when it’s not stressful for her and we just laugh, we laugh like crazy.”

As for Kyle’s rumored flame, Morgan, who she nearly kissed in Morgan’s music video for “Fall in Love With Me,” Sutton said she’s seen her perform.

“She’s great. She’s got a great voice,” Sutton noted.

Also during the interview, Sutton was asked if she still sees Sanjit Das, who she went on a date with in a previous season of the show.

“Yes, we just went to trivia night last week with my son. We’re friends. He’s great. He’s a nice guy,” she confirmed.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime this fall.