Stassi Schroeder Discusses How She’s “Slacking” in Marriage to Beau, Red Flags With Ex Patrick, Being “Scared” to Get Pregnant, and House Struggles, Plus Reality Return, and Baby Boy Names

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Stassi Schroeder Discusses How She's "Slacking" in Marriage to Beau, Red Flags With Ex Patrick, Being "Scared" to Get Pregnant, and House Struggles, Plus Reality Return, and Baby Boy Names

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Stassi Schroeder appeared on Lala Kent‘s podcast last week, where she opened up about her failures with her marriage to husband Beau Clark and her friends.

While also discussing her pregnancy fears and her non-kid-friendly house, the Vanderpump Rules alum, 35, opened up about her troubled relationship with ex-boyfriend Patrick Meagher and shared the unconventional baby boy names that she and Beau, 43, did not pick for their son.

“The main one that I was going to name this boy was Loring. I thought it was so fun. [And] Loring was the only one [Beau and I] agreed on,” Stassi revealed on the August 30 episode of Give Them Lala, noting that she also liked “Wolfram, Throw, Fawks, Creedence… Crescent, Clement [and] Ossi — because it rhymes with Stassi.”

“I just don’t want my kid to have the same name as anyone else. If I know one person, the name is off the list,” she explained.

Stassi is expecting her second child, a baby boy, this month with husband Beau, who she married in September 2020 after a setup by Kristen Doute, 40, and Katie Maloney, 36.

Looking back on the start of their romance, Stassi admitted Beau wasn’t initially on board.

“He didn’t want to meet me. He saw my Instagram, and he was like, ‘No. I don’t think this is gonna work,’” she laughed. “Whenever I talk about this to him now, he’s like, ‘Obviously, I thought you were beautiful and stunning. I just saw this blonde, big-boobed reality star who probably gets bottle service in clubs and stuff, just not anything that would fit in my life.’ So it took a while for him to want to meet me. And then when I met him I just won him over with my sparkling personality.”

As Pump Rules fans may remember, Stassi was previously dating Patrick Meagher, who rarely appeared alongside her on the show.

“Man bun made me realize definitely what I don’t want,” Stassi said of the past romance, giving a nod to Patrick’s hairstyle.

“Man bun made me feel bad about my job, bad about my career, didn’t like reality TV, didn’t like the quirky, I don’t think he liked my basic b*tchness. He wanted to change me all the time. I just felt like I was constantly having to be somebody that I wasn’t with him, and then also the other thing was that man bun never made an effort to be around my friends,” she recalled.

Following the end of their relationship, Stassi knew exactly what she wanted in a future partner..

“I was like, ‘That person will want to be around my friends and will make an effort with my friends and he’s going to love all the things about me or at least f*cking pretend. And be my biggest cheerleader.’ And I found those two things in Beau. I never feel like I have to change myself or be something different with Beau,” she explained.

While Beau was and is quite integrated with Stassi’s friend group, and appeared with her on her final season of Pump Rules, season eight, they haven’t been seen on any additional reality shows, although Stassi isn’t completely opposed to the idea.

“I feel like people want a black and white answer from me… It really would just depend on what it is,” she stated.

As Stassi prepares for her son’s arrival, she said her “biggest pregnancy fear” is that the “epidural’s not gonna kick in or it’s not gonna be right and I’m gonna feel everything.”

She’s also concerned that her $1.7 million Hollywood Hills home isn’t ready to hold a family of four.

“I feel like a brat when I complain about it because I’m so in love with my house. So in love with it. But for two children, there’s not that much to do. There’s no yard. There’s so many stairs,” she shared. “[But] the market’s crazy right now. I’m gonna die in this house.”

In addition to not being family-friendly, Stassi’s home, specifically her son’s nursery, recently sustained damage from a tropical storm.

“I cry once a day because nothing is ready. I do not feel prepared,” she confessed. “When I was pregnant with Hartford, everything was done but this time nothing is done and I feel like if this baby were to come, where the f*ck would I put him? I do have a [basinet], but nothing else is done.”

Prior to conceiving her baby boy, Stassi said she was “scared and apprehensive” because she associates pregnancy with COVID.

“This whole experience has been so different. I kind of had to be reminded that, okay, life’s not like that [anymore],” Stassi, who welcomed daughter Hartford in January 2021, explained. “So this time, I’m like, ‘How do I fill my days? How do I jam-pack them as much as possible?’ Even if I’m at home, I put on a cute outfit. I do my hair and my makeup. It’s so different. Everything about it. It’s so much more fun.”

As she enjoys the remaining moments of her pregnancy, Stassi admitted to Lala that she’s “failing” when it comes to her relationships, both with her friends and her husband.

“I feel like I don’t keep in touch with people very well,” she said. “There’s so much I personally feel like is on my plate just being a mom and working and being a wife that I don’t know how to also give myself to my friends the way that I used to and I notice that and I don’t like that about myself.”

“Also, it’s like, you can’t have it all. Sometimes in life, other things are going to suffer because you’re focusing on something else. And I try to not expect in return from my friends too much because I am not able to give it,” she continued.

Then, after noting that she “could be better,” she said she’s “not that great of a wife.”

“I could totally have sex with Beau way more. Like, truly,” she stated.

That said, Stassi noted that she and Beau “respect each other so much” and are “best friends.”

“The day-to-day of our lives, it works so well because I think that respect is there and that friendship, but I could be better at making him feel wanted. But like, I’m tired all the time. I feel so guilty because he does such a good job of making me feel wanted… I’m slacking,” she concluded.