Garcelle Beauvais Discusses “Warning” Lisa Rinna Gave Her at RHOBH Reunion and Shares How Denise Richards is Coping Amid All the Drama, Plus She Reflects on Her First Season

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Garcelle Beauvais Discusses "Warning" Lisa Rinna Gave Her at RHOBH Reunion and Shares How Denise Richards is Coping Amid All the Drama, Plus She Reflects on Her First Season

Garcelle Beauvais is getting candid about her experience on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and how she didn’t love a lot of the stuff that went down this season. Plus she opens up about the now-infamous “warning” issued to her by Lisa Rinna at the recent taping of the RHOBH reunion.

In a recent interview, the newfound reality star reflected on how her time on the RHOBH was both good and bad.

“I’m sure next season they’re not gonna let me do anything else,” she told The Decider on August 13, reacting to fan concern over not seeing enough of her on the show. The professional actress has many years in the biz, and, in addition to filming for RHOBH, often had to make time for other gigs.

Now that her first season on the show is coming to an end, she’s having some time to reflect on her experience. Was it what she expected?

“Um, it’s been fun. A lot of it was fun, some of it wasn’t, and I think that’s par for the course,” she stated with a note of uncertainty. “I was talking to Denise [Richards] today, she called me and she’s like, ‘I can’t wait until this season is over.’ I said, ‘Girl, I know you can’t.’ The poor thing. And I said to her, ‘How are you and Aaron [Phypers]?’ I really wanted to know this today, and she said, thank God it’s made them stronger. And I said thank god because it could’ve gone the opposite way.”

As RHOBH fans know, this season has most assuredly been a whirlwind for Denise amid rumors of an affair with former cast member Brandi Glanville. Denise remains steadfast in her denial of the alleged affair and insists her marriage to Aaron is solid.

Garcelle still feels for her friend, though, and has expressed her uncertainty before around returning to the show and on what terms. Should she consider, seasoned cast member Lisa had some ominous words for her.

“It’s interesting, when we shot the reunion, Rinna said something along the lines of, ‘Your first season is always fun and then the second season…’” Garcelle remarked, letting her facial expression fill in the blanks. “And I go, ‘Is that a warning?’ and she was like, ‘Yeah.’ And I was like, oh s–t.”

She continued, “Sometimes it was hard just because I feel like we’re grown women in this day and age. Bringing down another woman is not really okay. There are ways to disagree, there’s a way to speak your mind, but to try to take another woman down, I’m not down for that.”

In addition to this being her first season (and it being quite the dramatic one), Garcelle faced other challenges joining the Housewives, considering her status as the first black housewife on RHOBH.

Although she may have been somewhat nervous for her reception, fan response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many calling for she and her group of friends whom we met early in the season to be a bigger part of the show.

“Oh my God, that would be so much fun. A lot of people said that on social media,” Garcelle responded to the idea. “That would be really, really cool. We have a lot of fun and we talk about all kinds of stuff.”

As the Black Lives Matter movement has surged across the county in recent months, seeing more black women represented onscreen has been front of mind not only for fans, but for network executives as well, as Bravo continues to bring conversations about race and representation to the table.

Garcelle (along with many other Bravolebs) took part in Bravo’s Race in America: A Movement Not A Moment special, allowing her to open up about some painful experiences that have shaped her journey.

“Denise reached out and Dorit reached out and I reached out to Erika [Jayne] because I know her son is a cop and I wanted to make sure he was okay,” Garcelle revealed about how her RHOBH co-stars have shown their support amid these troubling, but ultimately forward-thinking times. “But I think they’ve been supportive from what I see on social media.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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