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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Garcelle Beauvais Questions Why RHOBH Cast Took “Brandi’s Side” Over Denise if They Truly Considered Denise a Friend, Addresses if She Plans to Return and Says Dorit’s the Only One Who Also Defended Denise

Garcelle Beauvais Slams RHOBH Cast For "Taking Brandi's Side" in Denise Richards Drama, Plus She Shares Which RHOA Housewives Gave Her Advice Before Joining the Show and If She Plans to Return

Amid the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama that continues off-screenGarcelle Beauvais has a few thoughts on how her co-stars seemingly betrayed their friend, Denise Richards.

In a recent interview (recorded pre-reunion), the reality star and actress spoke about her experiences on the show as a first-time housewife, which other wives in the Bravoverse gave her advice, and if she’d ever return to the franchise.

Garcelle, who only knew Denise and Lisa Rinna before coming on the show, is notably standing by her pal Denise through the ongoing drama this season, from threewaygate messiness to those Brandi Glanville affair rumors still to come on the show.

Speaking with Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider for their podcast B–ch Sesh, Garcelle discussed “the Brandi of it all” and why she’s still standing by Denise.

“My thing with the whole Brandi of it all is that … why is everybody taking Brandi’s side? If Denise is truly your friend… I felt like no one stood up for her other than me and Dorit [Kemsley],” she stated. “It just doesn’t make sense to me. If you’ve been friends with someone — and she’s in our circle — that if somebody was coming from the outside, you would at least give Denise the benefit of the doubt and I felt like they just believed Brandi right out of the gate. And that’s what I had a problem with.”

The 53-year-old went on to defend her friend against the other ladies, also speaking to why she thinks they reacted the way they did.

“I think they felt like Denise wasn’t being honest and ‘owning it’ as Lisa Rinna would say. I think it’s also the women felt like Denise was saying, ‘Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay’ but then she was talking about it with other women. But that’s what we do! We sort of like, test out the waters and say, ‘What do you think about that?’ We check in with our girlfriends, that’s natural,” she said. “So the whole thing about Denise being free, but yet she’s a hypocrite because she can say she gets a happy ending but she can’t talk around her kids but … who talks like that around their kids?”

Overall, Garcelle said she had fun for her first season, but the most difficult thing is dealing with the show airing — and everyone giving their two cents.

“The part that I have the hardest time with is now that it’s airing. Now that it’s airing, and people can weigh in, and people are taking sides,” she shared. “‘Team Kyle,’ ‘Team Garcelle,’ and I just feel like … just enjoy the show! Just sit back, have snacks, have champagne, or whatever and enjoy the show.”

With that said … does Garcelle think she’ll return to the franchise next season?

“I liked doing it. I have to see after the reunion how I feel,” she shared.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Vince Flores/, Bravo


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