RHOD Alum LeeAnne Locken Leaks New Texts From Brandi Redmond to Prove Brandi Knew She Didn’t Leak Cheating Video, Suggests She Should Be Fired, and Pokes Fun at Season 5 Ratings Drop

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RHOD Alum LeeAnne Locken Shares Text to Prove Brandi Redmond Knew She Didn't Leak Cheating Video, Suggests She Should Be Fired, and Pokes Fun at Season 5 Ratings

LeeAnne Locken wants fans to know that she was not behind the recently leaked video of Brandi Redmond‘s husband, Bryan Redmond, kissing another woman.

On Tuesday night, amid the conclusion of the two-part Real Housewives of Dallas reunion, which featured Brandi and other cast members claiming LeeAnne put out the clip, LeeAnne took to her Twitter where she seemingly proved she did not do so while also suggesting Brandi should be fired and taking aim at the ratings of season five.

“Here’s your sign!!!” LeeAnne tweeted along with a screenshot of text messages reportedly sent between herself and Brandi.

“Okay to clarify- (after more messages) I had NOTHING to do with the video!! Please tell me you know that,” LeeAnne had written to Brandi on Wednesday.

“Yes. I’m sorry,” Brandi replied, confirming that she knows it wasn’t LeeAnne who shared the clip.

RHOD LeeAnne Locken Leaks Text From Brandi Redmond About Cheating Video

In addition to sharing the conversation with her Twitter audience, LeeAnne used a couple of retweets about Brandi and the show to let fans know how she felt about the latest drama between them.

“Brandi should’ve been gone long ago. [LeeAnne Locken] carried [RHOD] without her -( Though I haven’t watched) I gather it’s just of failure of Grown Women Still looking for their place in the world at the bottom of a bottle or materialistic Value. Betting [the RHOD reunion] is a joke,” one of her retweets read.

“I talk to LeeAnne and she is so happy she isn’t on the show anymore. She has moved on and so should they. After all they wanted her off the show but thats not good enough they still want to hunt her. ffs,” read another.

LeeAnne also posted a video of herself dancing to Billie Eilish’s “Therefore I Am.”

“Like the song says…. Keep my pretty name out of your mouth!” she wrote with the clip. “Stop blaming me for everything including those ratings.”

The fifth season of RHOD premiered to just 340,000 viewers in January after season four’s reunion conclusion, which marked LeeAnne’s final episode, brought in over double that at 770,000.

While the remaining episodes of season five hovered around the 500,000 mark, they were down to the tune of about 100,000 per episode from season four.

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