Gizelle Bryant Reveals What Happened With Nicki Minaj After ‘RHOP’ Reunion, Talks “Angry” Wendy and Her “Dysfunctional” Relationship With Karen

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Gizelle Bryant Reveals What Happened With Nicki Minaj After 'RHOP' Reunion, Talks "Angry" Wendy Osefo and Her "Dysfunctional" Relationship With Karen Huger

Gizelle Bryant is looking back at the sixth season of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

After filming a four-part reunion with her castmates, Gizelle revealed what happened with guest host Nicki Minaj after the taping while also looking back at her drama with Wendy Osefo and sharing her thoughts on her up and down relationship with Karen Huger.

“Nicki Minaj was everything,” Gizelle told ESSENCE last month. “I wasn’t nervous but I could tell when she sat down she was. After like 10 minutes, she got into a groove and she was everything. Let me be clear, if Nicki is coming for you, you want her to come for you. I was like, ‘bring it.’”

Although Nicki certainly didn’t go easy on the cast, Gizelle enjoyed her hard-hitting questions and said she applauded her performance after the taping.

“She came for us a little bit and she thought that we were going to come back at her and cuss her out,” she shared. “We would never do that… When it was all said and done, I gave her a hug and told her, ‘Nicki, you did a great job.’’

While Gizelle has been accused of being a “mean girl” in the past, namely due to her blunt delivery of certain comments, Gizelle insisted her intentions are always good.

“What you see on camera is what you get. I’m a fun girl. I’m a girly girl, but I am no-nonsense,” she explained. “I do say things to the other ladies on the show and if you would just hear me say it without the music in the background and all of the things that go into a show, then it would just be a conversation as opposed to me being a mean girl.”

One particular topic that garnered Gizelle the “mean girl” tag was Wendy’s husband, Eddie Osefo, and the false claims regarding his supposed cheating. But, when the conversations were mentioned, Gizelle admitted she has “absolutely no regrets.”

“We’re on a show to talk about our lives,” she noted, adding that Wendy seemed unusually affected by comments made on social media.

“That’s really a lot to take. So that’s really what that was, but she just became so angry so I just let her sit in her anger,” Gizelle admitted.

As for her relationship with Karen, who fans saw her make up with at the RHOP reunion, Gizelle said that when it comes to the two of them, “there’s always an underlying level of respect.”

“But she gets on my nerves and I get on her nerves,” Gizelle explained. “I feel like we are dysfunctional aunties. We get on each other’s nerves but we like to kiki.”

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