RHONJ’s Bill Aydin Addresses Jackie’s “Hurtful” Comment About Affair as Jennifer Deems it “Vile” and “Disgusting,” Plus Teresa Slams Jackie

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RHONJ's Bill Aydin Speaks Out About Jackie's "Hurtful" Comment as Jennifer Deems it "Vile" and "Disgusting," Plus Teresa Slams Jackie as a "Follower"

Bill Aydin is speaking out against a crude comment Jackie Goldschneider made about him cheating on wife Jennifer Aydin during the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

After watching as Jackie suggested he should have kept his “d-ck in his pants,” Bill admitted to feeling hurt by the comment as Jennifer slammed her language and suggested that the olive branch she extended was nothing more than an attempt to manipulate her.

“It’s always hurtful when you put trust in friends and you don’t judge their lives and have it come back in a way where instead of trying to be supportive towards a friend, they’re there to kind of shame them,” Bill said on the February 22 episode of the RHONJ: After Show. “But people will say things in the heat of the moment. Does it reflect on their personalities? Yes, it does. So for me, that was a very toxic opinion.”

“It’s just so vile and it’s so disgusting and it just shows what lengths someone could go to in order to draw some attention to themselves,” Jennifer agreed.

During the episode, Jackie butted heads with Dolores Catania, who felt that she was trying to infiltrate her friendship with Jennifer.

“I felt that since Jackie wanted Jennifer to have the heads up on the kind of friend she thought I was, it was time for me to let Jennifer know the kind of friend I thought she was being to her,” Dolores said of her decision to bring her concerns about Jackie to Jennifer.

And while Jennifer and Dolores aren’t currently on good terms, Jennifer felt Dolores was right in that moment.

“Any kind of friendship that she extended towards me was probably an attempt to manipulate me in order to maybe turn Dolores against me or me against Dolores,” Jennifer reasoned.

Meanwhile, Jackie felt that Dolores used her words and “weaponized them for her own purposes.” After all, she was simply saying that she felt bad about what Jennifer went through as a result of Bill’s infidelity.

“I thought that was really low and I didn’t like it,” Jackie said of Dolores’ antics.

“Jennifer was the one who was cheated on and Jennifer was taking all the responsibility for this but it wasn’t her who had done anything,” she continued. “I could have used less crude words but the reality is that it was Bill who stuck his d-ck into somebody else, not Jennifer, so why is she feeling all this pain right now?”

Although Jennifer acknowledged that Jackie said what she did because she felt bad, that doesn’t change the fact that her children now have to see what was stated.

“She knew she was mic’d, she knew that they were going to use that and she knew that my children were going to see that,” Jennifer noted.

In her own segment of the RHONJ: After Show, Teresa Giudice slammed Jackie as a “follower” and said she was “sad” about the way she behaved because she truly wanted to give their potential friendship a chance.

“Jackie… Definitely ulterior motive, definitely, because to me she’s such a follower. She’s not a leader. It’s sad because I went into [this] really trying to be her friend and I think Evan’s great but her… follower,” Teresa declared.

“She’s a Margaret soldier,” Jennifer agreed. “So regardless of what kind of context she was saying it, it was just so repulsive to even hear those words. She wasn’t my friend. she wanted shock value. She got it, but I think it backfired.”

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