Randall Emmett Gives Update on Co-Parenting With Exes Lala and Ambyr, Reveals “Worst Part” of Bad Press, and Confirms He’s Dating

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Randall Emmett on How His Co-Parenting Relationships With Lala and Ambyr Differ, Reveals "Worst Part" of Bad Press, and Confirms He's Dating

Randall Emmett is co-parenting his three daughters with two women and unfortunately, one of those relationships has been far more challenging than the other.

While speaking to Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi on her podcast, Randall admitted that his only communication with Lala Kent, the mother of his one-year-old daughter Ocean Kent Emmett, takes place on an app where they discuss nothing but their child.

“We talk about Ocean and that’s it and honestly, as long as we’re talking about our daughter, that’s the most important thing,” Randall said on the March 23 episode of Genuinely GG.

Although Randall and Lala’s split has been a hot topic in the press for months, mainly due to the Vanderpump Rules cast member’s ongoing comments about Randall’s alleged cheating, Randall praised his ex as a “great mother” and said Ocean is “very lucky to have two parents who love her as much as we both do.”

“I’m hopeful in the future that we get to a place of being a little more fluid but we’re co-parenting and that’s it. If she’s not ready to do more than what we’re doing, that’s okay,” Randall continued, adding that Ocean has two “sisters at home” who “are infatuated.”

As Pump Rules fans may know, Randall shares his two oldest daughters, London and Rylee, with ex-wife Ambyr Childers. And, while he was accused of having an affair with Lala during their marriage, Randall said their co-parenting relationship — as well as their behavior in the press — is much different.

“I co-parent with Ambyr and in that world, I’ve never said one negative thing, and Ambyr, vice versa,” he revealed. “We always have been [in a good place].”

But the same can’t be said for him and Lala. In fact, despite having split over five months ago, Lala has kept their feud alive by frequently discussing Randall’s alleged behavior.

“It doesn’t feel good,” Randall said of the ongoing bad press. “I’m working to provide for my family and my children every day and spending time with my kids like I always have. At the end of the day, I just try to keep my head up… There’s always two sides to every story but I’m just not going to ever take that to the public.”

“It’s never going to be who I am… I think about Ocean. I think about London. I think about Rylee, when it comes to speaking publicly,” he added.

Randall may be purposeful with what he says publicly, but not everyone is. And, amid Lala’s ongoing comments, Randall has received articles from his mother and fears that his oldest daughter, London, could also come across them.

“It’s hard when your mother sends you an article or your friend sends you an article. But I’m probably more upset at the end of the day that my 12-year-old has access to stuff on the internet. I think that’s probably the worst part for me,” he admitted.

As for his dating life, Randall seemingly shot down Lala’s claims regarding a 23-year-old girlfriend, who he allegedly began dating the same month she gave birth to Ocean.

“I’m dating but I’m not dating exclusively, anybody,” he confirmed. “I need time to really get my head back to that place.”

Randall went on to joke that if his dating life is going to be dictated by what’s been shared on the internet, he’s “going to be alone for the rest of my life.”

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