RHOBH’s Dorit Kemsley on If Lisa Vanderpump Reached Out Post-Robbery, If Men Were Caught, and Why Alarm Was Off, Plus Talks Past Flaunting of Wealth

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RHOBH's Dorit Kemsley on If Lisa Vanderpump Reached Out Post-Robbery, If Men Were Caught, and Why Alarm Was Off, Plus Talks Past Flaunting of Wealth

Did Dorit Kemsley hear from her former friend Lisa Vanderpump after she was robbed at gunpoint in October 2021?

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star looked back on the trauma she faced as a group of masked men broke into her $7.9 million Encino home as her kids slept, and she admitted that it was tough reliving the incident amid Tuesday’s premiere. Then, she addressed the controversial conversation between Garcelle Beauvais and Erika Jayne.

After Andy asked Dorit a question about Lisa’s potential communication with Dorit on the May 11 episode of WWHL, Dorit confirmed she did not hear from her ex-castmate.

“No. Not a word,” she replied.

Andy then asked if the men had been found, which prompted Dorit to say, “No, not yet. I don’t believe so.”

According to Dorit, didn’t have on her home alarm, which was not installed by Teddi Mellencamp‘s husband, Edwin Arroyave, despite speculation, because her kids, who still do not know the robbery occurred, often wake up in the middle of the night.

“[They] usually come to my room. If I put the alarm on and the reason why I don’t, or hadn’t before, is because they could drift downstairs and then the alarm would go off,” she explained.

Following the scary incident, Dorit said she continued seeing a therapist she’d been going to prior to the robbery.

“I have a wonderful therapist. So I’m very grateful I have her and it’s ongoing,” she shared of her care. “First and foremost, I’m so grateful that myself and my family are safe. Obviously, it’s a particularly difficult time because I’m reliving it and there’s a lot that’s resurfacing but I know I’ll get through it…. It’s definitely resurfacing a lot. I’m getting through it.”

In a recent sneak peek at RHOBH season 12, Erika was seen telling Garcelle that a number of the allegations being made against her, which include claims of helping estranged husband Thomas Girardi embezzle money from his former clients, have been disproven. And while Garcelle said that she hadn’t heard of any such news in the press, Dorit claimed she has.

“I have seen it disproven. It is in the press. But I also, not being a stranger to headlines, the press like to report the salacious details and not necessarily the wins,” she explained.

Although she and Garcelle have gone through ups and downs of their own, Dorit confirmed they are in a good place today, saying, “Luckily for us, we started on the right foot and we found our way right back.”

As for Dorit’s past flaunting of her wealth, she responded to a fan on WWHL who wanted to know if she attributes her comment about paying “top dollar” for designer duds to the robbery.

“When something like this happens you feel a lot of guilt, you can’t help it. [But] I don’t think there’s one thing or anything you can do that warrants this,” she stated. “You have to keep living your life, I’ve learned that a lot through therapy, so no, I don’t think that that was the only draw.”

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