Pump Rules’ Lala Kent Reveals If Randall is Paying Child Support, Learned He Was Working on Marriage While They Were Dating, and Shares Where She and Ambyr Stand Today

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Pump Rules' Lala Kent Reveals If Randall is Paying Child Support, Admits He Was Working on Marriage While They Were Dating, and Shares Where She and Ambyr Stand Today

Lala Kent has spent a “very high” number on attorney fees amid her custody battle with Randall Emmett. But has she gotten anywhere when it comes to child support?

While speaking to Jeff Lewis on his radio show on Tuesday, the Vanderpump Rules cast member explained where her and Randall’s court battle stands, discussed how involved the film producer is in their one-year-old daughter Ocean‘s life, and admitted to recently learning he was actually working on his marriage to Ambyr Childers in 2017, over a year after they first met.

“It’s high. It’s very high,” Lala told Jeff of the money she’s spent on attorneys on the May 24 episode of Jeff Lewis Live.

Then, after Jeff asked if she was talking “$200, $300, $400, or more,” Lala confirmed it was “more.”

“It’s a lot. But you can’t put a price tag on certain things, if you know what I mean,” she explained.

While Lala is currently in the midst of a custody dispute with Randall, she confirmed he is not yet paying child support, nor has he been ordered to do so, saying, “not yet.” However, she did say they have agreed on what that amount will be before suggesting Randall was already behind three months.

“It’s almost three months… Does he know any other way?” she said with a laugh. “[But] honestly, I wasn’t expecting it at all. I went into this saying, ‘I don’t need anything.’ But, the state of California, you have a child, you’re supposed to pay. I don’t ever expect anything.”

At the present time, Lala is paying for Ocean’s medical insurance and using her mother as a babysitter.

“I don’t really know what happens at his house. I know that there were many times people that worked at his home were coming to me, demanding to get paid. So I hope he’s paying Ocean’s nanny,” Lala explained, noting that when it comes to Randall’s relationship with their daughter, “She sees him a little bit.”

Lala then hinted that Randall is currently under some sort of supervision by telling Jeff, “yeah,” when asked if someone has to be there.

Moving on to the timeline of her relationship with Randall, Lala said the two of them met in December 2015 — at which time he was married.

“I have learned a lot since the relationship ended… Yeah,” Lala confessed.

Although Lala was told that Randall and Ambyr were separated at the time they got together, she later learned they were working on their marriage.

“I got a screenshot message that was dated January 2017 that he was working on his marriage,” she confirmed. “I’m not [a homewrecker]. I would have, well knowing everything that I know now, I wouldn’t have even given him the time of day. My parents were together for 40 years. I believe in marriage. I respect marriage. I would have never even put myself in that situation. I would have never done that to another woman. So that was a tough one to take when, after our relationship ended and I learned so much, including that in of January 2017, the intent was to work on his marriage, it was like taking a bullet.”

As for what Ambyr thought at the time, Lala said she believes Ambyr was under the impression that she knew what was going on in their marriage as she dated Randall. Luckily, times have since changed and, according to Lala, she and Ambyr are now “very much on the same page.”

While there is a substantial age gap between Ocean and her older sisters, London, 12, and Rylee, 8, who Randall and Ambyr share, Lala said she hopes the girls will one day have a close relationship.

“I have an older brother who’s 15 years older than me and as we got older, we became close. So Ambyr’s two kids are 12 and 8 so there will be a significant age gap between those two and ocean but my only hope is that she has a close relationship with them,” she stated.