Pump Rules’ Lala Kent on Where She Stands With Ambyr Childers, Plans For More Plastic Surgery, and Her Failed Wedding Plans With Randall

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Pump Rules' Lala Kent on Where She Stands With Ambyr, Her Failed Wedding Plans with Randall, and Why She's Getting Post-Split Plastic Surgery

Lala Kent may be limiting her communication with Randall Emmett to an app where they discuss their daughter, one-year-old Ocean. But when it comes to her relationship with his ex-wife, Ambyr Childers, the Vanderpump Rules star is in a very different place.

After Ambyr was seen spending time with Ocean at Randall’s home as they celebrated the child’s recent birthday, Lala offered an update on their previously strained relationship while also looking back on the ongoing postponement of her and Randall’s would-have-been wedding and her upcoming boob job.

“We have children who are obviously half-sisters, so, you know, we [will] chat here and there,” Lala revealed on the April 18 episode of the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast. “I can honestly say Ambyr and I have nothing but love for each other and we’re in a great place and I’m thrilled about it… We’ve talked and it’s been nice.”

Lala and Randall split in October 2021 after photos of the film producer with a couple of other women in Nashville surfaced on social media. And after allegedly finding proof of even more infidelity, Lala believes the universe truly had her back — not only in exposing the photos but also in causing delays to her wedding plans.

“The universe has my back, you know, like that the fact that I would have, I tried, I think four different times to, to plan and replan a marriage and the fact that it was not happening and there was nowhere in this world to go to even get married. It was like, oh my gosh. Like that thought makes me euphoric,” Lala noted.

While Lala has faced some backlash for speaking so candidly about Randall and his alleged missteps, she is insisting she’s doing her best.

“I don’t always know that I’m handling it the correct way, but if there’s one time that I need people to just kind of go easy on me it’s right now. I mean, the, my DMS are filled with people sharing, you know, their stories that are inspiring to meet women who are needing strength,” she explained. “It’s my passion right now.”

Also a current passion is Lala’s plans for a second book.

“I love Give Them Lala so much. I’m so proud of this. I, and just everyone who helped this come to fruition, but there are certain parts of this book where even though they were real to me, I wrote my truth, it’s strange to go back and look at those parts of the book because it wasn’t real at all,” she noted of her first book. “I could really dive into so many other things [in a second book].

Also on the podcast, Lala revealed why she’s going under the knife to enhance her bust, which she initially announced in January.

“I’ve wanted them redone for a while,” Lala said, explaining, “Everything sits a little differently after you give birth and feed your baby. So I’m just ready to get them up there. Maybe a little bigger. I’m going to get my groove back.”