VIDEO: Naomie Olindo Confirms She and Craig Met Up in Vegas After Metul Split! Plus Southern Charm Star Discovered Metul’s Cheating 10 Days After Move to NY

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VIDEO: Naomie Olindo Confirms She and Craig Met Up in Vegas After Metul Split in 'Southern Charm' Preview! Plus Discovered Metul's Cheating 10 Days After Move to NY

Naomie Olindo is seen talking to Venita Aspen about her Las Vegas meet-up with Craig Conover in a sneak peek at the eighth season of Southern Charm.

While on the way to play a game of tennis, Naomie receives a call from co-star Leva Bonaparte, who wants to know if she’s run into her former boyfriend, who previously confirmed a hookup between them, since their rendezvous in Sin City — and she wondered if things were “weird.”

“Have you seen Craig?… Have you seen him since Vegas like, without that being weird?” Leva asked.

“I have seen Craig and that’s all I’m gonna say about that,” Naomie replied.

Then, in a confessional, Naomie explained that after splitting from Metul Shah last summer, she traveled to Las Vegas with friends, where she ran into Craig, who went public with current girlfriend Paige DeSorbo just a short time later.

“Two months ago, I went to Vegas with some friends and it just so happened that Leva was also there with her family and Craig was also there with some friends on a totally separate trip. So yeah, I mean, we met up,” she confessed.

Also in the car ride with Venita, who joined the Southern Charm cast in a full-time role for season eight in 2021, Naomie opened up about the emotions she felt upon returning to Charleston following her messy split from her alleged cheater ex.

“That’s why I was so sad being back in Charleston: Because I thought I was going to like, move to New York and grow and then the thought of coming back was just depressing,” she told her castmate.

Continuing on about the dramatic breakup in a confessional, Naomie looked back on the moment in which she leaned Metul had reportedly been unfaithful.

“Over the summer, Metul and I moved to New York. I had a big going away party. I was like, ‘Goodbye, everybody, I’ve outgrown this place. Goodbye!’ And then, real humbled real quick. I made it 10 days and I found out my boyfriend had been cheating on me,” she revealed. “So I crawled all the way back to Charleston, tail tucked between my legs and I’m starting over.”

While Naomie went through some hard moments after returning to Charleston, Venita was happy to see her back.

“I feel like you were losing yourself with that kid,” she shared.

“I know,” Naomie agreed.

Southern Charm season eight premieres on Thursday, June 23, at 9/8c on Bravo.