RHOA’s Marlo Hampton Questions Co-Stars’ Finances, Explains Why She Won’t Let Nephews Watch Show and Says Kenya Will Never Pass “Villian” Baton, Plus Live Viewing

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RHOA's Marlo Hampton Questions Co-Stars’ Finances, Explains Why Kenya Will Never Pass the "Villian" Baton, and Why She Won’t Let Nephews Watch Show, Plus Live Viewing

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After years of being questioned about her own finances, Marlo Hampton is turning the tables on her Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates.

During a podcast appearance on Tuesday, Marlo, who was recently upgraded to a full-time role revealed why Kenya Moore is unable to pass the villain baton and why she doesn’t allow her nephews to watch the show after first being asked why her co-stars are “still obsessed” with her finances.

“I’m just looking into the air on this one. I’m so over it,” Marlo admitted on the July 5 episode of Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef.

She then began to question the finances of her castmates, namely Sheree Whitfield, Kenya, and Drew Sidora.

“Sheree. That’s my girl. She’s over there in that fabulous mansion. Right? But spring, summer, and fall has come and gone and I still can’t buy a jogger,” Marlo noted of Sheree’s fashion line.

And as for Kenya, Marlo said, “Her haircare is only in CVS, on the south side of Atlanta… She’s not regional, no national distribution. Where’s her money coming from?”

“[And] my girl Drew. I love her to death. She pops up here and there on a made for TV movie… Where are her finances coming from?” Marlo continued.

According to Marlo, the RHOA cast is worried about her — even though she owns what she has and doesn’t “live above [her] means.”

“I walk in the room, and I get paid thousands of dollars. I’m on a platform where I get paid thousands of dollars… I have a showroom, L’Archive, where I make thousands of dollars in a week. So it’s, it’s, it’s really comical. You got to laugh at it at this point,” Marlo added of the ongoing speculation about where her money comes from.

When Marlo was later asked if Kenya was truly capable of passing the villain baton and being nice, Marlo said clearly, “Never. She’s definitely not.”

She backstabbed her bestie [Cynthia Bailey]. How do you backstab Cynthia Bailey?” Marlo wondered. “You pour a drink on [Ramona Singer]. Come on. She can’t, she’s going to always be the villain. That’s who you are, Kenya. I understand you don’t want that, but it’s in your blood baby.”

As fans may have heard, Kenya recently suggested Marlo was the “new villain.” However, according to Marlo, there’s no truth to her claim.

“She was a little delusional. What she meant to say, I’m going to tell you. She meant to say, I’m more like the damn hero this season… I’m keeping everybody peach nice and juicy,” Marlo clarified. “Every time Kenya has had an interview, who does she mention? Marlo. Every time Kandi has had an interview who does she mention? Marlo. So I’m just the topic of discussion lately.”

Regarding her nephews watching RHOA, Marlo said, “I really don’t let Michael and William watch the show.”

“I will let them see parts of them. But you know, our mouths are so awful, and you know, sometimes it can just be some mean things, but I have let them see, you know, parts of them on it,” she explained.

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