Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy Reacts to Austen’s “Medusa” Diss, Addresses His Relationship and Shades Olivia as “Homeless,” Plus Talks Craig

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Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy Reacts to Austen's "Medusa" Diss, Says She's Glad Summer House Viewers Saw "Exactly Who He Is," and Suggests Olivia is "Homeless"

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Madison LeCroy is clapping back at Austen Kroll following his “Medusa” diss on last week’s episode of Southern Charm.

After Austen was seen reacting to the news of Madison’s engagement to Brett Randle, Madison looked back on the dig as she weighed in on her ex-boyfriend’s controversial appearances on Summer House, commented on his new relationship with Olivia Flowers, and offered an update on her friendship with Craig Conover.

“If I was Medusa, he would be stone by now,” Madison told Us Weekly on July 12. “And honestly, Medusa has great hair… Whether it’s a snake, it’s still volume and that’s all we’re asking for when it comes to that. So thanks Austen!”

Although Madison didn’t appear on Summer House alongside her Southern Charm co-stars, Austen and Craig, she did tune in — and she “loved every bit of it.”

“I thought it was dead on to exactly who he is and I’m just so thankful that everyone was able to see it. And now it’s like, ‘See! This is what you guys missed in the edits, but this is who he is,’” Madison explained. “He’s not husband material, but he made that very clear.”

Luckily, Madison no longer needs Austen to be husband material. After all, she’s found someone else who embodies that quality rather than the “diva” antics of others.

“[Brett] doesn’t watch this show, but I’ll show him things on Instagram because he doesn’t even have social media,” Madison said of her fiancé. “He supports me in that and hopefully, you know, who’s to say that he might not come in the future and pop in, but it’s not really his style… I love that about him.”

As for Austen’s romance with Olivia, Madison said she was initially trying to be kind to her new co-star.

“I thought that Olivia calling me a homegirl, considering we weren’t friends, was kind of a dig. I’ve had nothing but nice things to say about her, to be honest,” Madison admitted to Us Weekly. “You guys know I’m sarcastic, but when I called her homely [it] could have been worse. I was thinking, like, homeless because I think she lives with her mom and dad.”

As Southern Charm fans may have seen, Madison slammed Olivia as “homely” on Instagram after her “homegirl” diss, saying, “I’d rather be a homegirl than a homely girl.” And when it comes to the future, Madison said their feud “will continue” until Olivia “stops throwing” shade.

While Madison may not be a fan of Olivia, she said she’s “here” for her relationship with Austen.

“I think she’s tall. There you go. I think I put her right there with Austen and I think they will be a great couple,” she stated.

As for where she stands with Craig, Madison said the two of them have a “brother and sister relationship.”

“Craig and I being friends, we weren’t really concerned about Austen at all… [And] when him and I fight or whatever it is never — I mean it got malicious [during the season seven reunion] — but we’re good,” Madison explained, noting that she loves his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo.

“I’m a huge fan of Paige. I talk to her pretty regularly and Craig and I go way back,” she revealed.

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