RHOBH’s Erika Jayne Continues Online Feud With Attorney and Wife, Shades Them as “Super Fans,” and Claims They Have “Unhealthy Obsession” Amid Efforts to Buy Home

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RHOBH's Erika Jayne Shades Ronald Richards and Wife as "Super Fans," Says They Have "Unhealthy Obsession" Amid Efforts to Buy Home as Attorney and Wife Clap Back

Erika Jayne has been in an all-out social media feud with attorney Ronald Richards and his wife, Lauren Boyette-Richards, after learning the couple is attempting to buy the home she and estranged husband Thomas Girardi previously shared in Pasadena.

After Ronald announced he was submitting an offer of $6.9 million on the exes’ marital mansion, which was initially listed for $13 million in May 2021, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member shaded the attorney for potentially violating her neighborhood before launching into a rant against him and Lauren, who she deemed as “super fans.”

“Uhhh how are you going to get this ‘museum’ past the homeowners association? I think they like their privacy,” Erika wrote in a comment after Ronald posted his official offer document, via a screenshot from All About the Real Housewives on Instagram on July 13.

And Ronald didn’t hesitate to respond, telling the performer and reality star, “It would be a violation of the state constitution’s right to assembly to prevent the public from viewing this important historical artifact.”

“Wow! I’m THAT important! I knew you and your wife were SUPER FANS…. This really confirms it. Enjoy,” Erika replied.

RHOBH Erika Jayne Slams Ronald Richards and Wife Lauren as Super Fans

After seeing that the RHOBH cast member had suggested she and Ronald were mere fans, Lauren had a message of her own for Erika, insisting that she’s never seen an episode of the Bravo reality show.

“Don’t flatter yourself. I’ve never even seen the show. Working on what matters most- getting monies owed back to these hundreds of victims. Something you should be more focused on instead of your ‘glam,'” Lauren told her as Ronald said that what he’s a fan of is “justice.”

But Erika wasn’t silenced and continued to speak of what she believes is an obsession.

“Does it bother you that your husband is OBSESSED with me?” she asked Lauren, noting that it felt “kinda weird.”

RHOBH Erika Jayne Tells Ronald Richards' Wife He is Obsessed With Her

In response, Ronald’s wife made it clear that just because her husband, who previously worked alongside the trustee on one of Thomas’ bankruptcy cases, is actively researching her and the cases against her doesn’t mean he’s obsessed.

“Don’t confuse his tenacity in suing you as an obsession. He won’t stop until he gets a result,” she warned. “We are hoping that result will be any monies for these innocent families that have been owed for years and counting. You could throw back some of your earnings that were financed by misappropriated client funds or return some of your other ‘gifts’ that were bought that way.”

Ronald Richards' Wife Reacts to erika Jayne's Claims of an Obsession

“You and your husband have an unhealthy obsession with me. Seek help,” Erika wrote in another comment.

RHOBH Erika Jayne Says Ronald Richards Has an Unhealty Obsession

But again, Lauren clapped back.

“Boring,” Lauren responded, along with a yawning emoji. “I was really expecting better. I, like my husband, won’t stop until these victims are paid back. Let’s work on that one. Can’t we? I think we could be a great team in advocating for the innocent people.”

“On a side note was that the lexapro or alcohol talking? As I am FAR from obsessed. You are clearly mistaken my tenacity as well,” she added.

Ronald Richards' Wife Speaks of Erika Jayne Victims

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