Here’s How Stassi Schroeder Feels About Being Left Out of Scheana’s Wedding, Plus Scheana and Brock’s Honeymoon Plans

by Lindsay Cronin
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How Pump Rules Alum Stassi Schroeder Feels About Being Left Out of Scheana's Wedding, Plus Scheana and Brock's Honeymoon Plans

Stassi Schroeder wasn’t upset about not getting invited to Scheana Shay and Brock Davies‘ recent wedding in Mexico. In fact, according to a new report, she was downright “happy” that she didn’t have to attend.

Months after the Vanderpump Rules alum disinvited Scheana from her own wedding to Beau Clark, which was held in Rome, Italy in May, an insider claims she was okay with missing out on the festivities because she already has “so much going on” and would rather focus on her family and her career.

“Stassi wasn’t surprised that she and Beau [Clark] didn’t get an invite to Scheana’s wedding after she disinvited her to her wedding ceremony,” an insider told Hollywood Life on August 24. “Stassi and Scheana have always remained cordial despite their ups and downs over the years. Stassi has no hard feelings and isn’t hurt that she didn’t receive an invite.”

Earlier this year, after admittedly cutting several Pump Rules stars from her invite list because it was “too expensive,” Stassi explained on her podcast, The Good, The Bad, and The Baby, that Scheana was completely understanding of her decision to cut costs.

“She was one of the main people that gave me a really nice response back,” Stassi explained. “[She] was like, ‘Oh my gosh, don’t even worry about this. Brock and I are going through the same thing. We totally understand.”

But while they were on good terms at the time, Scheana eventually backtracked on her understanding and shaded Stassi for the handling of her feud with Brittany Cartwright, who ditched her May wedding on the day she and Beau left Los Angeles for Europe.

While it is unclear why Scheana didn’t include Stassi, be it financial reasons or lingering tensions, a second source told Hollywood Life that Stassi was uninterested in partying in Mexico.

“It’s a relief for her that she isn’t attending this wedding,” the insider noted. “She has absolutely no FOMO about missing it. She wishes the best for Scheana and Brock, but she is more than happy to stay home and not have to deal with traveling to Mexico with a toddler.”

Prior to Scheana’s wedding, the longtime reality star confirmed she and Brock have no plans for a honeymoon quite yet, especially not “right after” their trip to Mexico.

“Eventually, not right away,” Scheana shared on her Scheananigans podcast, via E! News. “There’s other trips we want to take first—a family trip back to Australia, some other little ones here—so no rush on the honeymoon, but we’ll definitely take a vacay eventually.”

While Scheana previously thought “you have to go on the honeymoon two days after the wedding,” her life isn’t like it was when she wed Mike Shay in 2014.

We got a baby. We got sh-t going on!” she explained.

Meanwhile, Brock, who later told PEOPLE he’d be taking Scheana somewhere with “crystal blue waters,” said he was planning to surprise Scheana with a honeymoon.

“I’m not gonna tell you where. I know kind of the element of what we want to do, so I can’t mess that up, and so now, I just gotta pick the nice waters for it,” he teased.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 is in the midst of production and expected to air on Bravo sometime later this year or early next year.