RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Shares Update With Jen Shah Since Guilty Plea, Suspicions About Coach, and Claims Erika “Had” to Know, Plus If She Misses Mary and Heather Drama

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RHOSLC's Whitney Rose on If She's Spoken to Jen Since Guilty Plea, Suspects Coach Was Involved, and Claims Erika "Had" to Know, Plus If She Misses Mary and Heather Drama

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Whitney Rose offered an update on where she stands with Jen Shah while appearing on Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp‘s podcast on Wednesday.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated premiere of the third season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Whitey revealed if she’s spoken to Jen since she pled guilty to fraud before sharing her thoughts on Sharrieff “Coach” Shah and Erika Jayne, confirming if she misses former co-star Mary Cosby, and teasing her falling out with Heather Gay.

“I have not spoken to her since she pled guilty,” Whitney confirmed on the September 21 episode of Two Ts in a Pod. “I sent her a text the day after she left to New York for her pretrial stuff, so that was like two days before she changed her plea, and I haven’t reached out to her, and she hasn’t reached out to me.”

“I’m mostly concerned about [Jen’s] kids,” she continued. “She has a son that is in high school, and can you imagine what his life is like right now?”

In fact, if Jen told Whitney, “Hey, my kids need help,” Whitney wouldn’t hesitate to “help her family” — even though she has suspicions about Coach’s potential knowledge about Jen’s fraud crimes.

“He’s like… too good to be true, right? He’s well-spoken. But Coach Shah, how does he not know?” Whitney wondered, noting that she also believes Erika was in the loop with the malpractice of her now-estranged husband, Thomas Girardi.

“She had to have. Unless she literally lived in a completely different life… Like, unless their marriage was completely silo-ed and she had no idea,” Whitney continued. “If your husband just all the sudden started buying you gifts that were way more lavish than you normally are accustomed to or throwing parties that are way over the top, cost a lot more than you’re used to, wouldn’t you question [it]?”

At that point, Erika’s former castmate, Teddi, pointed out that Thomas’ over-the-top gifts were “always” a part of his relationship with Erika and said she was unsure if Jen’s sudden purchases of larger homes and more expensive things were sudden.

But Whitney quickly set her straight, saying that her homes were rented.

“They actually had like zero assets on her books as far as home, cars, she rented everything,” Whitney shared.

Then, after revealing she heard a rumor that Jen pled guilty to protect Coach after seeing who was going to testify against her, as well as the evidence of the case, Whitney reacted to Mary’s recent court win, with the dismissal of charges of harboring a minor against her thrown out, and admitted that she misses her ex-co-star on RHOSLC.

“I think it [was] just her son’s girlfriend. I don’t know the facts about that. [And] I have not spoken to Mary,” Whitney stated. “She blocked me on everything. But I kinda.. Even though she’s not always the nicest person, I do miss her. She brought a lot to [the show].”

Regarding season three, Whitney admitted to having an unexpected falling out with Heather.

“I didn’t expect Heather and I to have a fight or have a rift. Unfortunately, it could’ve been a one-time thing. We were both drunk. We had a really shady-themed party that had to do with [Meredith Marks] and [Lisa Barlow]’s [hot mic] rift,” she explained. “Unfortunately, it carried through the entire season, it carried over into [Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip], and it’s still weird.”

Also, speaking of Heather, Whitney denied she was responsible for the black eye Heather was seen sporting in the trailer.

“I wish I could tell you more about the situation, but no, I still don’t know what happened, so I’m gonna be watching right along with you to see what happened,” she shared, noting that the patch Heather seemed to be wearing was actually an evil eye medallion she was holding up to her face.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season three premieres Wednesday, September 28, at 9/8c on Bravo.