Madison LeCroy on Why She Cut Back Filming Southern Charm, Which Co-Star She’s Closest to, And When She’ll Have More Kids, Plus the Reunion Look She Regrets

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Madison LeCroy on Why She Cut Back Filming Southern Charm, Which Co-Star She's Closest to, And When She'll Have More Kids, Plus the Reunion Look She Regrets

Madison LeCroy hosted an “Ask Me a [Question]” session on her Instagram Story on October 10, where she spoke about Southern Charm and her family.

Ahead of the finale episode of season eight, part two of the dramatic reunion, Madison responded to followers who questioned her about her role on the show, her co-stars, and her plans to start a family with her soon-to-be-husband, Brett Randle.

“Why didn’t you film more on this season of [Southern Charm]?” one person asked on October 10.

“Family comes first,” Madison replied, along with a video of Brett in the kitchen of their $1.5 million Charleston home.

As fans may have heard, Brett has no interest in appearing on Bravo. So, when it came to Madison’s storyline, she wasn’t able to include much of what was happening in her life and wasn’t seen nearly as much as she was last year.

Madison LeCroy Explains Why She Cut Back on Filming Southern Charm

Someone else wanted to know, “Who are you closest with on the cast?”

And along with a screenshot of her on an hour-plus phone call with Patricia Altschul, Madison said the two of them were enjoying their “weekly rant.”

Madison LeCroy Says Patricia Altschul is Her Closest Southern Charm Co-Star

Another person was curious about when she and Brett would start trying for more kids (she already shares son Hudson with ex-husband Josh Hughes).

“How soon are you talking babies?!” they asked.

“I’m hoping we will start in a year or so … I have a feeling I’ll have all boys,” Madison shared.

Southern Charm Madison LeCroy Shares When She'll Have More Kids

As for her “biggest fashion regret from past seasons of [Southern Charm],” Madison said it was her “Beetle Juice” look at the season seven reunion.

Madison LeCroy Regrets Beetle Juice Southern Charm Reunion Look

Also during the Q&A, Madison was questioned about her crooked lip.

“Why does your lip have a slant to it when you talk?” a fan asked.

“Just born with a crooked lip (just like my dad’s),” she explained.

Southern Charm Madison LeCroy on Why She Has a Crooked Lip

The Southern Charm season eight reunion concluded with part two on Thursday, October 13, on Bravo.