Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Shares Reason For Split From 25-Yr-Old Beau, What She Won’t Miss From Marriage to Tom, and Opening Date of Sandwich Shop, Plus Dream Guy and Kids

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Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney on 25-Yr-Old Flame, What She Won't Miss From Marriage to Tom, and Opening Date of Sandwich Shop, Plus Dream Guy and Kids

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Katie Maloney is offering an update on her relationship status following rumors claiming she’s been dating 25-year-old actor Satchel Clendenin.

Before revealing what she won’t miss about being married to ex-husband Tom Schwartz, sharing the potential opening date of her and Ariana Madix‘s sandwich shop, and discussing her dream guy and thoughts on marriage and kids, the Vanderpump Rules star explained if she and Satchel were committed.

“No. That was a casual thing,” Katie told Bachelor alum, Nick Viall, on the December 1 episode of The Viall Files. “That’s something I think got a little blown out of proportion, but he’s the sweetest person ever. But again, a very casual thing.”

Katie also looked back on her relationship with Tom, admitting that while she’ll miss the fun they had, there are also things she won’t miss.

“We had so much fun. We went on so many adventures together.. and I’ll miss those memories, but I’m not gonna miss wondering what time he’s gonna come home,” she stated.

After finalizing her divorce from Tom, Katie is focused on her personal happiness — and her latest business venture.

“We got our sandwich shop that will be open sometime in early spring,” she revealed.

And when it comes to the Pump Rules cast members who will potentially have sandwiches named after them, Katie knows that she may have to make some exceptions since Ariana is friends with some co-stars she doesn’t like.

“Ariana’s my business partner, and she’s obviously friends with people that I’m not friends with, so unfortunately, I may not get my way, but obviously, if I didn’t have to see people, Raquel, then yea, but unfortunately, it’s gonna have to be an open door to whoever,” she shared.

Now that she’s back on the market following her and Tom’s split, Katie says she knows what she wants in a man.

“I want somebody who has gone through all those self-discovery phases of their life. They know who they are and where they’re going and what they want to do with their life,” she explained when asked about her dream guy. “They’re not trying to figure things out.”

“And somebody who’s gonna support me and be my partner in life, be my teammate. Somebody who knows how to prioritize their person but also is still gonna allow for that individual growth,” she continued. “A lot of times I was wearing the pants, and the dress [with Tom], and I don’t want to do that. I need a little bit more alpha energy in my next partner.”

She also said she wants someone who will “make some plans and take initiative,” as well as someone who is “a little bit more serious” and “a little more settled.”

But for now, Katie is “dating casually.”

“I haven’t been wanting to get into anything serious because I’m still trying to make myself a priority and make my happiness a priority, and I feel like when someone else comes into the picture, you want to make them important and that requires a lot of effort, and I don’t really have that to give to a person at the moment,” she explained, “[But] if the man of my dreams, if that person walks in tomorrow, I’ll know it then.”

As for remarrying and having kids in the future, Katie confirmed she’s open to both.

“I’m not against it. It’s just divorce is really painful. But yeah, if I met someone and they wanted to marry me,” she stated.

Then, in regard to starting a family, Katie added, “It’s a little hard sitting where I’m sitting now being single and not even having any kind of prospect… It’s not something I want to do alone. That’s something I always envisioned doing with another person.”