Adriana de Moura Claims Alexia Made Transphobic Comment on RHOM and Refuses to Accept Apology After Frankie Analogy, Plus Shades Her and Marysol and Hints Cast is Facing a Divide

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHOM's Adriana de Moura Slams Alexia and Marysol for Being "Predatorial," Talks Frankie Analogy, and Says "Bully" Alexia Shamed Trans Woman

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Adriana de Moura believes Alexia Echevarria and Marysol Patton plotted to take her down amid the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Miami.

As her friendships with her longtime castmates continue to unravel, Adriana suspects Alexia and Marysol aimed to “create contention” between them as they latched onto her offensive analogy, which compared her injured ankle to Alexia’s son Frankie Rosello‘s devastating car accident in 2011. She also accuses Alexia of being a “bully” and shaming a transgender woman.

“It’s very predatorial actually,” Adriana said on the February 27 episode of Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef in regard to Alexia and Marysol’s behavior.

According to Adriana, she believes her former friends targeted her amid season five because they sensed she was vulnerable post-divorce.

“I call them fairweather friends because when I was married on top of my game and I felt like they had something to take, then they were my friends. Now they feel like I’m less relevant,” she explained, noting that she’s “never had any issues with” Alexia or Marysol or did “anything to them.”

“I’m very shocked … because throughout the years…  I was there for them,” she added.

Looking back at the way her comment about Frankie played out, Adriana said Alexia “twisted” the statement.

“She was planning on twisting it all along. She was just waiting for the moment. And I felt like when I made that bad analogy, I just gave it to her on a silver platter and then she just ran with it,” Adriana explained.

That said, Adriana does regret the comment.

“I understand that was a bad analogy … I shouldn’t have said it … And I regret it. And I’ll take those words back if I could because my intention was the opposite,” she insisted. “What I was trying to reach with that bad analogy was empathy from her.”

“I’ve apologized many, many times on camera, off camera and she keeps kicking me down… and acting as if she never said anything offensive to anyone without meaning it,” Adriana continued. “[It] made me think of when she was shaming a trans woman at a pride event in which she was gonna be honored as a gay marshal.”

Speaking of the upsetting incident, Adriana said that before Alexia went up on stage, she told her then-fiancé, Todd Nepola, “That’s a man.”

“She should understand cause sometimes we say things that we don’t mean, right? They might sound pretty offensive, but you don’t mean it, you know, you just say it sometimes without thinking,” Adriana noted. “If we were to ask this woman, how would she feel by this comment … Somebody who has gone an entire life of transformation and surgeries and shame and like to overcome this body that she comes into this world and to become her real self … And someone just easily dismisses it and [says], ‘Oh, that’s a man.’ How offensive is that?”

While Adriana said that Todd called out Alexia’s parenting after her oldest son, Peter Rosello, was arrested in 2021, she “never, never criticized her” or “uttered one word of judgment or disrespect.”

Meanwhile, Adriana continued, Alexia is “crucifying me and goes out to emotionally lynch me.”

Adriana went on to shade Alexia for staging a “grief war” and downplaying the losses of their RHOM co-star, Guerdy Abraira.

“When I was shooting my music video and was in the boat with Guerdy and Guerdy mentions [the passing] of her brother and niece and nephew that were, you know, smashed into the debris of a hurricane,” she recalled, “Alexia said, ‘I don’t care because my son had a car accident.’ So that’s a pretty insensitive comment towards Guerdy.”

And who can forget how Alexia suggested Adriana was dating a married man (because she didn’t scroll down the document she uncovered, which clarified his true marital status)?

“I find someone that likes me, has liked me for a while, finally [we] start to date. And right before [the interaction with Alexia], he had [told] somebody… ‘She doesn’t know it, but I’m gonna marry her one day.’ So he was really into me and [I] was feeling happy to have someone that [I] could possibly have a relationship with. But after that he was gone,” Adriana confirmed. “He kind of ghosted me … He didn’t want to be part of this toxicity.”

Although Adriana and Thierry did have one last conversation, there wasn’t room to make amends. Instead, Thierry told her, as she recounted, “I don’t know if this is for me because your life is complicated … I have to deal with this … With this type of [woman] that would stop at nothing to slander someone.”

“He is a reputable doctor … He can’t jeopardize his entire practice,” Adriana noted.

Believing that Alexia is “very smart” and “very cunning,” Adriana said she likely found her relationship with Thierry to be a “threat.”

“Because if I had that I would be in a more favorable position and they didn’t want to see me strengthened by somebody,” she alleged.

After wrapping production on RHOM season five, Adriana confirmed a “divide” among the cast, stating that she, Guerdy, Nicole Martin, and Julia Lemigova are on one side as Alexia, Marysol, and Larsa Pippen, who Adriana said “sided” with Alexia and Marysol, are on another.

“The divide is pretty much Alexia, Marysol, and Larsa. Me, Nicole, and Julia, and Guerdy on the other side,” she explained.

“[Alexia and Marysol] very mean and very juvenile,” she shared. “The new girls that I have [a] lot less history with were a lot more empathetic and there for me than they were.”

As for Lisa Hochstein, Adriana said she is “the only one that stayed through as a friend throughout the years.”

“Lisa tried intervening and trying to make, help us come together and, and talked to them about it. But they just scolded at Lisa, you know, and said, no, don’t even go there. So they were not nice to Lisa either,” she revealed.

And after accusing Alexia and Marysol of making Nicole “look bad” because they found her to be a “threat,” Adriana said Alexia has become a “bully.”

“She’s just all about bullying the season,” Adriana stated. “I think she feels like she’s losing ground and or relevance. So then this season she doesn’t have much to talk about … She’s fighting to maintain her whole position.”

And she feels the same about Marysol, claiming she’s “fighting to stay relevant.”

“She didn’t have much of a storyline this season, so she made us [her] storyline … She is not working. She doesn’t have any kids. So I feel like she has a lot of free time in her hands and she is trying to maintain her relevance,” Adriana shared.

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