RHOM’s Larsa Pippen Shares Status With Kim Kardashian, Shades Nicole and Talks Julia’s Allegiance to Adriana, Plus ‘Frustrating’ Part of Reunion

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHOM's Larsa Pippen Shares Status With Kim Kardashian, Shades Nicole and Talks Julia's Allegiance to Adriana, Plus ‘Frustrating’ Part of Reunion

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Larsa Pippen offered an update on her relationship with Kim Kardashian during Sunday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Before shading Nicole Martin‘s hypothetical inability to make money on OnlyFans and Adriana De Moura‘s musical talent, weighing in on Julia Lemigova‘s allegiance to Adriana, and accusing Guerdy Abraira of attempting to fake cry, the Real Housewives of Miami cast member was asked if she is in touch with any of the Kardashians.

“We’re good. My daughter still goes to hang out with the kids,” Larsa confirmed on the March 5 episode of WWHL. “[And Kim and I] text every now and then.”

While Larsa had nice things to say about her relationship with the family, the same couldn’t be said for Nicole and Adriana.

When asked which of her co-stars would be least successful on OnlyFans, Larsa told host Andy Cohen, “I probably think, probably Nicole.” And when asked to rate Adriana’s singing skills from 1 to 10, Larsa gave her “a four and a half.”

When Larsa was then questioned about why Julia seems to defend Adriana even when she’s wrong, Larsa admitted that Julia is a good friend to “a fault.”

“I feel like that’s kinda the problem Julia has. We all love Julia. She’s an amazing person. I love hanging out with her. I think she’s a great person and I feel like I respect her a lot. I respect the way she basically has her daughters and how they travel to Europe and all that, how they’re so independent because that’s how my kids are, too. I just feel like she defends Adriana to fault at times and that kind of makes other girls kind of skeptical of being too close to her,” Larsa explained. “It’s like you’re always going to defend her, even when she’s wrong.”

During a recent episode of the show, Adriana made waves when she compared her injured foot to the car accident that nearly took the life of Alexia Echevarria‘s son, Frankie. And while Adriana has apologized, Larsa revealed Alexia is still “really hurt by that.”

As for Guerdy’s recent diss, which suggested it was Larsa who was the fakest RHOM cast member, Larsa said the label belonged to Guerdy herself.

“It’s funny coming from her because she always tries to fake cry and she doesn’t shed one tear. Nothing comes out,” she stated.

While playing a WWHL game, Larsa targeted Nicole, saying she should apologize for uninviting her from her engagement party with a shady mirror and for throwing her American Express card at Alexia’s lawyer. However, she also admitted that she should apologize for suggesting Nicole slept with all of the doctors at her hospital.

Also during the game, Larsa said Adriana should “1,000 percent” apologize to her for making fun of her butt (which she insisted she “worked for”) before having work done on her own and noted that Lisa Hochstein should “absolutely not” apologize for drinking Lenny Hochstein‘s expensive wine.

Although Larsa and Nicole feuded for the majority of the season, Larsa hoped to move on from their issues.

“I feel like when we left the reunion, you know, I apologized to her the first time we had that incident and I kinda wanted to move forward and I feel like she just kind of, you know, her mom said it, she’s kinda one of those people that hold onto things,” Larsa noted. “I feel like I wanted to move forward with her from the very first time. [And] I hope [we can move forward].”

As for what else happened at the RHOM season five reunion, Larsa said she often felt like she “couldn’t get a word in” because everyone “was screaming” and “getting crazy.”

“I felt like I was kinda losing my voice because I really just wanted to be heard and say that Nicole was saying things to me that I never even said. So that was the part that was frustrating,” she admitted.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Larsa was asked if she felt it was a good decision for Lisa to open up to her mother-in-law about her and Lenny’s messy split.

“I feel like Lisa was really close with her mother-in-law at one point. It was basically like her mom so I think she was venting to her thinking they were gonna be as close when they broke up but clearly that’s not the case,” she explained.

And during the live broadcast, Larsa revealed her boyfriend Marcus Jordan‘s “least favorite” RHOM cast member is Nicole’s fiance, Anthony Lopez. She also confirmed she didn’t know Marcus when his dad, Michael Jordan, played with her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen, on the Chicago Bulls.

“Actually we met four years ago. We met through mutual friends … at a party,” she revealed.

The Real Housewives of Miami season five reunion begins streaming this Thursday, March 9, on Peacock.