Lala Kent Dishes on Call From Vanderpump Rules Producers, Season 11 Cast and Reunion Antics, Plus Talks Tom and Raquel, Lesson From 50 Cent and Weight Loss

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Lala Kent Dishes on Call From Vanderpump Rules Producers, Who She Wants on Season 11 and Reunion Antics, Plus Talks Tom and Raquel, Lesson From 50 Cent and Weight Loss


Lala Kent is looking ahead to the potential, but yet-to-be-confirmed 11th season of Vanderpump Rules.

During a podcast appearance last week, before admitting she went “too hard” at the season 10 reunion, Lala shared her thoughts on the issues that led up to Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ affair, shared what she’s learned from 50 Cent, and addressed her weight loss after her messy split from Randall Emmett.

“When I lost a significant amount of weight after my relationship ended, I was so insecure because I was skin and bones,” Lala revealed on the April 27 episode of the Sofia With an F podcast. “And I’m still trying to get the weight back on.”

Although Lala has faced physical challenges due to her and Randall’s breakup, which she claims was prompted by chronic cheating, her mom, Lisa Burningham, has continued to be supportive.

“My mom always told me ‘You look amazing.’ Now when we have a conversation, she tells me, ‘Yes I was worried because you couldn’t consume food. You always look beautiful, but I knew that you weren’t eating,” she revealed.

As for what she learned from 50 Cent, who attacked her and Randall on Instagram in 2019 after Randall failed to pay him the $1 million he owed, Lala said the rapper taught her to go public when she needs to get something accomplished.

“I have found by adopting 50 Cent’s way of getting sh-t done, you blast people on Instagram, and then they come correct like he did to my ex,” she explained.

Lala then addressed “Scandoval,” noting that while Raquel “seems very young,” she’s 28 years old and “should know better” than to engage in an affair with Sandoval behind the back of her best friend, Ariana Madix.

“I think anything that happens after 25, and you’re still acting like a Sandoval or a Raquel, something needs to happen,” she stated. “You’re either hard-wired differently, where you’re just a f-cking lost cause, which is how I feel Sandoval is, I don’t think there’s any f-cking helping him, or you’re like a Raquel where there’s been a lot of things that have happened to you in your past that maybe you haven’t dealt with properly and it manifests itself into something like this where you’re not exactly aware of, I don’t know, f-cking your best friend’s man, like you don’t know that that is probably not okay.”

According to Lala, she believes Sandoval is “wired differently,” while she feels Raquel simply needs to work through her past trauma.

“I don’t think she’s a bad person. I think she’s a broken soul,” Lala explained, noting that she couldn’t imagine how Raquel was able to remain close to Ariana amid her romance with Sandoval.

“Can you imagine someone coming to you and confiding in you about the ups and downs of a relationship, and you sit there and cry with them, and you’re best f-cking friends, and all the while, you look them in the eye while they’re banging your dude?” she wondered.

As a result of the devastating betrayal, many have wondered if the couple will continue to appear on Pump Rules — and if anyone will film with them.

“We got a call just saying like, ‘How are you feeling about the situation?’” Lala shared. “We haven’t gotten the call to pick cameras back up again or gotten a green light for season 11, but they always feel us out. And for me, whether they come back or don’t come back, it’s all the same to me.”

Because Lala was never close with Sandoval or Raquel, she feels happy that she won’t have to pretend to like either of them in future seasons.

“I was putting the happy face around Sandoval sometimes because I care about Ariana, and for a minute, we weren’t close cuz I was constantly attacking her dude. So I was like, if I care about Ariana, I gotta reel it in,” Lala noted. “So now, everybody feels the same way I feel? I’m thriving.”

As for who she hopes to be a part of season 11, Lala said she was hopeful for some good-looking men.

“I just want them to bring on men who I’m attracted to. It’s the least you can do is bring someone who I think is attractive,” she shared. “I’m gonna start looking at Instagram and sending photos of hot people.”

Looking back at the season 10 reunion, Lala admitted she went the hardest out of anyone.

“When I roll up on a producer and I say, ‘I think I went a little too hard,’ and instead of that producer, who usually always tells me ‘You did f-cking amazing. That was incredible,’ they then tell you, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna try to reel you in a bit.’ That’s like, you definitely maybe, maybe went a little too heavy in the paint,” she reasoned.

“Even though I didn’t like these people, I wasn’t close to them, it didn’t directly affect me like it did Ariana or Scheana, these are two people who are constantly telling me, ‘You need to be real. You’re a mistress.’ So for me, it was like, ’Now I’m coming for you,'” she continued. “‘Because you literally have been saying that you’re gonna teach me that two plus two is four, trying to school me on life when this is the character trait you’ve possessed and now acted on, and still, knowing y’all were doing this had the f-cking audacity to call me a mistress and tell me that I need to be real. I was pissed.”

Vanderpump Rules season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.