RHONJ’s Danielle Cabral Shares Update on Feud With Brother, Her Real Issue With Rachel, and Reacts to Luis’ Outburst Against Gorgas, Plus Talks Margaret’s Diss and Caroline’s Advice

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RHONJ's Danielle Cabral Shares Update on Brother, Her Real Issue With Rachel, and Reacts to Luis' Outburst Against Gorgas, Plus Talks Margaret’s Diss, Caroline’s Advice and Reunion

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Danielle Cabral appeared on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live, where she offered an update on her relationship with her estranged brother.

In addition to revealing if she has any regrets about opening up about the topic on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle reacted to Luis Ruelas‘ outburst against Melissa and Joe Gorga, shared the advice Caroline Manzo gave her before she joined the show, and revealed her rose and thorn of the recently-filmed reunion — sort of.

“So the rose … I was like, ‘Oh good … Okay.’ But the thorn was also like, ‘Oh my God. What’s happening? What’s happening? Oh my God.’ So I guess the same emotion for both,” she explained on the May 9 episode of WWHL.

“You’ll see. It’ll make sense. I was sitting there like, ‘Oh my god, what’s happening?’” she added.

Although she and Rachel Fuda joined the RHONJ cast at the same time, they didn’t hit it off, despite their similarities. And in one of their more heated moments, Danielle slammed her fellow newbie as a rat.

As she looked back on the moment on WWHL after a fan questioned her about potential hypocrisy, noting that she too had passed on information, Danielle clarified that her issue with Rachel wasn’t that she had told Margaret Josephs what she said about her and her arsenal.

“Telling Margaret what I said, fine, but she switched it all around. And she said something that I didn’t, which was my biggest problem,” Danielle explained. “It was messed up. That’s what I was most upset about, not that she said it but that she villainized me and made me look like I said something I didn’t.”

As for why they didn’t mesh better, Danielle said, “I ask the same question … I have no idea.”

While Danielle had already appeared on reality TV when she was added to the Bravo cast, having appeared on MTV’s True Life in 2006, she received some good advice from Caroline. Danielle’s stepmom is Caroline’s ex-step-sister-in-law.

“She said it’s going to be the best of times and the worst of times so pretty much, buckle up. She was right,” Danielle shared.

One of the worst times for Danielle was the cast trip to Ireland, during which she cried on the phone to her husband Nate Cabral.

“What you guys see is literally three minutes of a four-day trip that was long and exhausting, and I kinda hit my breaking point,” she explained. “I wasn’t used to dealing with women like that, so my husband’s my rock so when I called him, I just let it all hang out. I’m not ashamed of that. It makes me human.”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Danielle reacted to Margaret saying she’s immature and used to being the center of attention.

“I would say all housewives are used to being the center of attention, in fairness. Because you all, kinda rise to the top,” Andy Cohen noted before Danielle responded.

“I second that. I agree with that,” she stated. “I mean, what is she going to say? She treated me like crap, and I called her out for it, and I wasn’t gonna … I mean, I was emotional about it. She says horrible things all the time. Just add it to her arsenal.”

Back on the live broadcast, Danielle was asked about Luis’ outburst about the Gorgas not attending his and Teresa Giudice‘s rehearsal dinner, during which he slammed Joe as an animal.

“Luis’ been holding that in, I think, for a really long time. He’s been holding his tongue for a long time, and I think kinda had it. He’s telling Teresa how he feels, and sometimes that’s warranted, to get it out,” she reasoned. “I think he did everything he possibly could, but at a certain point, which I can relate to, you just have to give up, I think, and just, he has raw emotions on everything going down with Teresa and Joe, and I think he’s done.

Also on WWHL, Danielle confirmed she’s not heard from her brother and said she has no regrets about telling their story on RHONJ.

“I came on a reality show to my reality. I never thought that they would not accept my truth. Who would think that?” she wondered.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.