RHOP’s Karen Huger Talks Holding Robyn “Accountable” Amid Juan’s Affair Rumors, and Admits She Doesn’t Take Mia Seriously, Plus She Shares Where She Stands With Cast & Teases Season 8, & Live Viewing Thread

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RHOP’s Karen Huger Accuses Robyn of Projecting Amid Juan’s Affair, Says She “Makes No Sense,” and Admits She Doesn’t Take Mia Seriously, Plus She Shares Where She Stands With Cast & Teases Season 8

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Karen Huger is speaking out against Robyn Dixon amid the eighth season of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

While also poking fun at Mia Thornton, 38, stating that she doesn’t take her co-star seriously, and confirming she’ll hold both Mia and Robyn, 44, accountable, especially after Robyn hid her marriage troubles with Juan Dixon, 45, from the cameras during season seven, Karen, 60, shared how she felt going into season eight.

“I am feeling so excited. I’m in a great place and turning triple 20 has a lot to do with it because I really want to see my friends come together,” Karen revealed during an October 30 interview with PRIDE. “I put a lot of effort in, checking in on everybody, even if it’s not the best place for me to go into, I go in anyway but I enjoy seeing us and I believe in us and I want us to have a great time.”

“I just tortured the girls with laughter and fun this season no matter what they threw… because it’s so important that we come together and have a great time together and whenever I was in the room, I did my part to make those iconic moments happen. My foot was on the throttle. It was good,” she added.

As an original member of the cast, Karen noted that she is “the mature one” and “in a position that’s enviable.” Still, she made it clear that it’s no easy feat being the Grande Dame.

“That’s why I’m thinking about opening a school. But I already have a baby Grande Dame. Just stay tuned,” she teased. “I will hold the school for anyone else that wants to be the Grande Dame when I decide to applicate, which will be never.”

One of the newer cast members of the show, Mia, who joined in 2021 for season six, has been making headlines in recent weeks after suddenly leaving her husband, Gordon Thornton, amid his financial troubles. And, just as many were surprised by their separation, Karen confirmed she’s still “learning with [the audience] about Mia.”

“Mia’s the kind of girl you hate to love. She’s fun. She’s a sweetheart. But she doesn’t remember what she says from one minute to the other so I gotta just wait and see what she does and then I’ll hold her accountable,” Karen reasoned. “You gotta stay tuned. We have those moments and it’s great TV and it’s fun.”

“I can’t take her seriously, though,” she noted.

In addition to holding Mia accountable for what comes out of her mouth, Karen said she’s doing the same with Robyn, who failed to address Juan’s extracurricular activities during season seven.

“Robyn likes to hear herself talk and she’s making no sense but do I support Juan and Robyn’s marriage? Absolutely. Just own it,” Karen stated. “Just be honest and don’t be mad with me if I don’t believe your version of the truth … And let me say this: For the record, Robyn’s cool, except in that one area.”

According to Karen, she believes there was “a lot of projection” going on amid season seven as Robyn quietly dealt with Juan.

“The viewers are smart and they’ll support Robyn and love Robyn for her dedication to her family — that I really respect. However, when it comes to the girl’s group, your truth is your truth. Own it,” she encouraged. “I’ll go to another wedding, a renewal of a second wedding. I’ll do that but I just need it to be truthful and don’t be calling my name on Andy Cohen’s show.”

As RHOP fans may recall, Robyn appeared on Watch What Happens Live in February, where she suggested Karen had kept aspects of her personal life off the show, as well.

“What? I got my own 27-year-old marriage I have to work on but Robyn is fun to be with,” Karen explained. “Outside of that, I’m cool with Robyn.”

“I’m cool with everybody,” she added.

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