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Southern Charm

Southern Charm Reunion Part 1 Recap: Kathryn Blasts Austen for Questioning Sobriety But Admits She’s Drinking Again

Southern Charm Reunion Part 1 Recap: Kathryn Blasts Austen for Questioning Sobriety But Admits She's Drinking Again

The Season 6 Southern Charm reunion is about to begin, and it appears as though everyone is very angry about issues revolving around a certain relationship and a certain bully of a cast member.

How ’bout Craig’s velvet smoking blazer? And why, oh why, does Kathryn insist on wearing these RIDICULOUS ensembles that make her look like a 1980s Barbie doll? Chelsea and Naomie look great and they know it. Austen STILL can’t escape the whole threesome video, Shep looks washed up, and Cameran’s hubby is actually babysitting Palmer, her daughter, for once. #shocker. Um, excuse me…where is Eliza Limehouse?!

Shep kicks things off by getting all Freud-like. When Andy Cohen begins with viewer questions/comments, Shep replies, “Our existence does not matter. We are a grain of sand on a beach so big it’s unbelievable. Just smile and try not to hurt anybody.” LOL. How hilarious of him, considering he was this season’s biggest jerk.

The topic turns to Cameran and whether or not she enjoys motherhood. She shares that she used to be a party girl (pshht) and gets called out for sounding whiny this season. Being a stay-at-home mom caused nothing but complaints for Cameran. Cam makes an apology to the viewers for behaving like a privileged woman, and it’s refreshing to have someone take accountability for looking like an a-hole. Glad she realized how ugly she sounded…

Ah, Little Craig the dog. Unfortunately, the dog hasn’t brought Shep much luck with the ladies, but Shep swears that isn’t why he actually got the dog. Andy wants to know why Shep was so hard-headed this season, particularly when it came to real estate. The adjectives to describe Shep are certainly not positive, either. He was a bit of bully and Craig tells him “when you see blood in the water, you smile and just go.” Shep explains that he can be “snobby, elitist, and rude” and admits that he can be angry often, mainly around stupid people. That’s basically what he said. Shep knows the castmates’ soft spots and preys on them, but don’t get it twisted. He only gets annoyed with the people he feels closest with, so if he’s mean to you, consider yourself his bestie!

So Naomie and Metul the tool have been together for a year and a half now. This couple is super weird, as they “track each other” all the time. Can you say trust issues? When Andy talks about Naomie and Metul taking the next step in the relationship, Craig stiffens as Naomie shares that she has hopes of marrying Metul in the future. Some life Naomie has ahead of her. I mean, the guy won’t even let Naomie eat cookies or cakes. OMG. How cute is Craig bringing Naomie a Rice Krispie treat?

A lot of people see Metul as a controlling guy, and I would have to agree. Naomie makes excuses for Metul and explains that his personality didn’t “translate well for the cameras.” That translates to…he looks like a d*ck, but he CAN be nice on occasion, but usually when the cameras aren’t there filming. Andy wants to hear about the Ashley/Naomie meet up, and Naomie just straight up says that Ashley is a weirdo. I’m sure they’ll touch more on that in the upcoming reunion episode…

Anna-Hayward, Craig’s life coach/assistant. What kind of life does he live? Craig shares that he wants to be the male Martha Stewart (#goals) and he is on track to sell his thousandth pillow within the next couple of weeks. Look at him go! Craig discusses his Adderall usage and how he stopped while in the Bahamas. Speaking of the Bahamas, everyone agrees that he became so healthy whilst getting his life back on track. There are so many questions about what makes Craig tick, and one of them has to be about his infamous painted nail. He does it for a charity …and that I can get behind. “Plus, it’s an excuse to paint my fingernails.” Oh, Craig!

Craig hasn’t been a saint this season and has had his fair share of blow-ups. Austen shouts out, “Craig, you’re just a crackhead and you’re nuts.” Cameran whole-heartedly agrees that Craig is addicted to Adderall, and to that Craig proudly shares that he has stopped using it for eight weeks. I kinda feel like the cast is making fun of him as they clap upon hearing this news. I sort of feel bad for the guy. Between that and the whole Naomie thing, Craig can’t really catch a break.

As Andy pries to know about Kathryn and her custody of the children, Kathryn remains mum. But she does open up about her relationship with Hunter, the country singer guy who is actually HER age. Andy touches on Kathryn’s pleather pants love affair and also the new love affair with Patricia. Kathryn shares that she has forgiven Patricia completely, as she doesn’t care what people say about her or call her. As for Patricia’s son, Whitney, well that’s another story. Whitney STILL hasn’t admitted to sleeping with Kathryn. Cam states that Whitney just wants to steer clear of any of Kathryn’s legal issues. Right.

Kathryn is still haunted by her ex, Thomas, who clearly enjoys making Kathryn’s life a living hell. He calls Kathryn a ‘mentally unstable sex addict…who is reckless with finances…and he also alleged she failed a drug test.’ And that’s just part of the slander! Speaking of failed drug tests… I am so glad that Andy brought up Kathryn’s behavior on Watch What Happens Live. She looked a bit out of it to say the least, but she claims it was simply her anxiety. Her castmates question that excuse and Kathryn makes it clear that although she may drink, she CERTAINLY does not use drugs. AND, she denies drinking that night. I almost wish she admitted to being bombed so it would explain her behavior!

Austen explains that he was so disappointed in Kathryn’s behavior, especially after he tweeted into the show and Kathryn pretended like she didn’t know who Austen was. To that, Kathryn replies to Austen, “I find you boring sometimes.” Ouch. Austen isn’t letting it go and Kathryn’s guard is up. She immediately lashes out at Austen and says, “You better back the f*ck up.” If there’s one thing Kathryn will not stand for, it’s having her sobriety questioned. Looks like we are off to a really positive start with the reunion, part one, huh?



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