Monique Samuels Says Candiace Dillard is “Making it Worse” After Their Fight, Shades RHOP Costars Who “Made it About Themselves” and Weighs in on Karen’s Marriage Issues, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Monique Samuels Says Candiace Dillard Bassett is “Making it Worse” After Their Fight, Plus She Says RHOP Cast "Made it About Themselves" and Weighs in on Karen Huger and Ray's Marriage Issues

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Can Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard Bassett ever make up after their epic brawl? According to Monique, things aren’t looking great.

In a new interview, the Real Housewives of Potomac star detailed how she’s spent the past year in a “journey” toward healing, feeling like she’s now able to see everything unfold on TV and put it behind her.

Candiace’s interviews and actions, however, are making the idea of reconciliation more difficult for Monique, as she wondered how she and her RHOP co-star could move forward from here.

“We’re not on speaking status, and honestly, even when I get to those moments where I’m like, ‘Okay, maybe we can recover,’ she goes out and does an interview and says something crazy and outlandish and I can tell that she hasn’t healed from the whole incident and she does not want to move forward,” Monique shared with The Jam. “I can just tell by the way she conducts her interviews so … she’s making it worse.”

She went on, “It’s already a bad situation, but then with her doing all of this back-and-forth, talking about me in a very ugly way, talking about my family and mentioning my children … she’s making it worse. You just don’t come back from things like that.”

If it weren’t hard enough to go through the altercation, the mother-of-three expressed her discontent at how some of her castmates handled the aftermath, feeling like she was most definitely not supported.

“They made this whole incident about themselves,” she scoffed. “If they were actually thinking about myself and about Candiace — who the incident actually involved — I think they would have took a more of an approach like, ‘Hey, let’s try to piece this together, let’s bring these beautiful women together and get them on the right track and let’s be the big sisters in this situation and see them through it.'”

She went on further, “But instead, they made it about themselves, they got on their high horses, they cast a lot of judgment, and it was more about ‘Oh, let’s just exile her and get her about the circle and who cares about what her process has been.’ So, there was healing that needed to be done on both sides and I don’t think the ladies ever acknowledged that, they just all had their little meeting, got together, and said, ‘Get Monique out of here!'”

One castmate Monique’s managed to maintain a good relationship with is Karen Huger, who’s notably straddled the fence for both Monique and Candiace, trying to stay friends with both women.

Commenting on Karen and her husband Ray Huger‘s marriage struggles viewers have seen this season, Monique clarified Ray’s sentiments seen on a recent episode where he questioned if he still loved his wife.

“They actually came on my first [Not For Lazy Moms] live show of 2019 and it was called, ‘The Honeymoon Phase is Over.’ Karen and Ray were both very open and they spoke about where they were in currently in their marriage,” Monique revealed. “Ray was able to elaborate […] he said that he loves her! But sometimes that bubbly, in-love feeling comes and goes, so that’s what he meant when he said he doesn’t know. It wasn’t that he doesn’t love her or he just wanted out of the marriage, it was more so where they were currently in that place and I think as married people we can all relate to that.”

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