Billie Lee Alleges Jax Taylor “Was Usually On Drugs” During Vanderpump Rules Filming, Claims Lisa Vanderpump Threatened Her Career And Reveals She Was Warned About Stassi Schroeder’s “Racist” Commentary

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Pump Rules Alum Billie Lee Claims Jax Taylor "Was Usually on Drugs" During Filming, Claims Lisa Vanderpump Threatened Her Career and Reveals She Was Warned About Stassi Schroeder's "Racist" Commentary

Billie Lee is once again speaking out against Jax Taylor.

After accusing her former Vanderpump Rules co-star of being “verbally abusive” and an “awful person,” Billie claimed he was also frequently under the influence of drugs during filming while also taking aim at Lisa Vanderpump for her alleged threats on her career and Stassi Schroeder for her supposedly “racist” banter.

“Jax was very, very difficult to work with and was usually on drugs,” Billie claimed on the March 29 episode of the 2 Servings of Fruit podcast. “He was very agitated and angry and producers would dance around that.”

According to the transgender activist, producers celebrated people “tearing each other down,” and because of that, she became “extremely uncomfortable,” “depressed,” and even suicidal while on the show.

“I would lay in bed all day long and daydream about how I would end my life. I was around all cis people and they had their own cliques, their own group. It was very catty,” she recalled.

During one particular catty moment, Billie was left out of a Girls Night In event at SUR Restaurant, which sent her back to the rejection she often faced as a child living in the body of a boy.

“For a person to be cis and to not even understand or try to understand where a trans person is coming from and how that has triggered them is for me, cis privilege. They even attacked me for attacking them, saying that I called them cis privilege,” Billie shared.

After leaving Pump Rules nearly two years ago, Billie was vocal with her thoughts regarding the need for more diversity within the cast. Right away, she received several phone calls, one of which came from Lisa.

“[She told me not] to not talk negatively about the show and that she made my career and she can easily take it away,” Billie revealed.

In addition to claiming she was encouraged to talk about her vagina and other body parts by producers, Billie admitted to feeling objectified by Stassi.

“Stassi would talk about my boobs and how they were real. She would just tell people, ‘Look at her boobs. How are they real?’ I was like an object,” Billie said.

Billie also revealed that she attempted to educate Stassi and the others who lost their Pump Rules roles in 2020 prior to her firing.

“I heard she would say racist things and I was warned to be really careful with her. [But] I kept trying to educate,” Billie explained. “I even sent them connections to GLAAD to do media training so if they were on the red carpet, they would know the right terms and pronouns, and no one cared. Everyone declined and that’s a part of being cis privilege, and also white privilege.”

“It’s crazy because all these people I would warn over and over and try to educate them, they ended up all being fired,” she added.

Billie even attempted to convince her former Pump Rules co-stars to attend the events she held for GLSEN and Equality California.

“The goal was for them to come meet the trans community, to come see what people deal with and why we fight so hard for equality. And they would not show up. The only time they would show up was when it was Pride when it was a party and it was time for them to drink,” Billie shared.