Pump Rules’ Brock Davies Slams Lala Kent as “Uneducated” for Bringing Up Kids When Her Own “House [Was] on Fire,” Reveals Where They Stand Today

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Pump Rules' Brock Davies Slams Lala Kent as "Uneducated" for Bringing Up Kids When Her Own "House [Was] on Fire," Reveals Where They Stand Today

Brock Davies is looking back at the drama he went through with Lala Kent on the ninth season of Vanderpump Rules.

During a new interview, Brock is taking aim at Lala for putting a spotlight on his estrangement from his two oldest kids, which she wasn’t completely knowledgable about, as her own relationship with Randall Emmett was seemingly hanging on by a thread.

“I think [Lala] was uneducated,” Brock said in a November 30 interview with The List. “Look where we are now. There was so much energy put into something else when your own house is on fire.”

Although Lala and Randall had just welcomed daughter Ocean Kent Emmett, now eight months old, when Pump Rules season nine began airing, they split months later as he was accused of cheating.

According to Brock, he didn’t have a problem with Lala bringing up his past to Scheana; he had a problem with the way she brought it to the group.

“Any one of Scheana’s friends, anyone, has a right to be like, ‘Look. He has a past and this is the past.’ It was after that point, when I spoke to her, when we went out, I was like, ‘Look. I understand you. I heard your concern. I wanted to just to let you know this is an issue that I’m dealing with.’ At that point, that’s when you needed to be like, ‘Okay, look. We spoke,'” he stated. “But then the next day to go and take what I’ve divulged to you, and then just throw it out there. That is when you went from respecting Scheana’s wishes and looking out for her to just stirring the pot.”

Despite the hardships he faced amid production, Brock said his drama with Lala has made him “a better person” because he was forced to speak of his past trauma and learned his viewpoints were “a little skewed.”

As for where they stand today, Brock said he and Lala are “very close.”

“We’re really close, and I think it’s because of the fact that she is great for Scheana to have around,” he said. “They’re moms. They’re going through the same sh-t every day together… If Lala comes for me next season for some reason, whatever. But we’re pretty good right now.”

After welcoming their daughter, Summer Moon Honey Davies, and filming season nine, Brock and Scheana got engaged at their Los Angeles home.

Speaking of what he loves about his fiancée, Brock said, “I think it’s just her presence for me. How she just makes me slow down and just think outside of my own objective. She’s a good person. She [has] a good heart. She takes care of everybody.”

Also during the interview, Brock said that his favorite show is Below Deck: Mediterranean and teased a future collaboration.

“The drama is perfect. You’ve got the cabin crew for a season, but then you’ve got weekly guests that are coming in and just stirring the pot,” he explained. “I told Scheana when [my app Homebody], when we do really well, we’re going to take the team out.”

Vanderpump Rules season nine airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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