Carole Radziwill Reveals if She Misses Friendship With Andy, Says Ramona Knows RHONY Audience Better Than Execs, and Suggests Bravo Started Net Worth Rumor

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Carole Radziwill Misses "Nothing" About Andy Friendship, Says Ramona Knows Audience Better Than RHONY Execs, and Suspects Bravo Started Net Worth Rumor

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Carole Radziwill doesn’t miss her friendship with Andy Cohen.

During a podcast appearance on Monday, the Real Housewives of New York City alum looked back on her relationship with Andy before applauding Ramona Singer’s knowledge of her audience, detailing Aviva Drescher‘s supposedly staged leg toss, and suggesting Bravo started a rumor about her net worth.

“I can’t say this enough or without sounding like I’m shading Andy, I don’t miss my friend,” Carole admitted on the January 31 episode of Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef. “Andy and I didn’t have a friendship that… The audience and the general presence think we had… I don’t miss that because there was nothing really to miss.”

“I never spoke to him when we were filming… when I wasn’t on the show, I would never, we didn’t have dinner. We didn’t hang out,” she continued.

While Ramona has gotten backlash in recent years for the questionable comments she’s made on the show and her behavior both on and off RHONY, Carole believes she knows what she’s doing better than anyone — even in terms of not wanting to discuss race on the show.

“She’s on it 13 years. She knows the audience and she probably… I think she probably on some level thought, ‘Oh my f-cking God, like, this is not going to play well.’ Not only she’s going to look bad, but just, you know, as a show, the audience is not going to be interested in this,” Carole explained. “But Bravo… Executives never let you forget that they’re in charge. And it’s like, ‘Okay, dude… She actually is more in tune to what the audience is going to want to watch than you are.'”

Following her exit from RHONY in July 2018, Carole faced reports claiming she was rejected from The View. However, as she said on the podcast, the rumors were nothing but “drama.” In fact, Carole claims the false report was first shared after an innocent lunch with a longtime friend, who just so happened to be in charge of casting on The View.

“We weren’t talking about The View. I would never do The View,” she clarified. “The last thing I wanted to do when I left the Housewives is to go on another show where there was four or five women, all screaming at each other… They didn’t ask me to do it… [And] I never asked.”

As for the rumor claiming she gave an ultimatum to the network, telling Bravo it was her or Aviva, Carole said she would never even think to do such a thing.

“Not only did it not happen, I never even would think of that,” she shared. “I was just as surprised as everyone else that she was not asked back after throwing her leg in Le Cirque.”

According to Carole, Aviva had a “short contract” of sorts that required her to “produce some drama by a certain day.” And, if she didn’t pull her weight, she would allegedly be written off the show. So, what did she do? She threw her leg onto the table during a cast dinner.

“She threw the leg at the end, I think with the hopes that that would get her on the show,” Carole suspected. “She made a deal, like, ‘I’ll throw my leg if you extend me… another contract.'”

Last year, after a poorly rated 13th season of RHONY, Bravo shockingly canceled the reunion special. And, while many fans were disappointed, Carole said she understood the decision.

I mean, what? They’re going to rehash these issues that literally the audience was screaming at them? We don’t care. We don’t want, you know, critical race theory in our [Housewives] show… It was just going to be a disaster,” she pointed out.

As for her supposed net worth of $50 million, Carole refuted the estimate and suggested it was planted by Bravo in an effort to get the show more attention when she was first cast for season five.

“I’m a single girl with bills. I’ve said that since the beginning of the show, off the show… If I had $50 million, would I be on the show? No… I don’t know how that started. I think, I kind of feel like, did Bravo put that out there? Just as like… when I was being cast?” she wondered.

Carole was featured on The Real Housewives of New York City in a full-time role from season five through season 10.