Naomie Olindo on Why She Didn’t Take Ex Metul Shah Back, Begging to Return to Southern Charm, and Post-Split Chemistry With Ex Craig Conover

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Naomie Olindo on Why She Didn't Get Back with Metul Shah, Begging for Southern Charm Return, and Post-Split Chemistry With Ex Craig Conover

Naomie Olindo may have caught her former boyfriend, Metul Shah, being unfaithful. But that doesn’t mean she was always confident in her decision to part ways.

During a podcast appearance earlier this week, the Southern Charm star opened up about the moments that followed her dramatic breakup from Metul before teasing potential post-split chemistry with Craig Conover, reacting to his romance with Summer House‘s Paige DeSorbo, and more.

“[I was] completely brokenhearted for weeks. I didn’t wash my hair for, I don’t know, 11, 12 days. It was disgusting. The first two weeks were awful. I had so many weak moments where I was like, ‘God, I just want my old life back. And maybe I could just try not to think about this and go back to where I was comfortable before,’” Naomie admitted on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast.

Although Metul attempted to get in touch with Naomie frequently after they split, Naomie said he did not respect her boundaries.

“If somebody truly does want to get back with you or truly loves and respects you, they’ll respect those boundaries. I was begging him on the phone, sobbing being like, ‘Please stop trying to call me. I need time to think and figure out what’s going on.’ And he’d be like, ‘But can I just call you tonight?'” she recalled. “He would call me over and over and over again.”

On the heels of the breakup, Naomi said she sought out a Southern Charm return with her “tail tucked between [her] legs.”

“I had to like beg my way back. I was like, ‘Guys, please. I know I quit. And I know I told everybody to f-ck off, but please I’m very depressed and I really want to come back. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I’m back in Charleston.’ [And] they were like, ‘Alright,'” Naomie revealed. “I was like, ‘Okay, well I’m single, you know, the show opens doors for so many opportunities business-wise and stuff. I know that. And I don’t really have a problem sharing. Everybody already knows what happened, you know, I don’t really have a problem sharing it.”

Following her split from Metul, fans rallied for Naomie to rekindle her relationship with Craig. However, as Naomie explained, Craig is now in a committed relationship with Paige.

“He’s dating someone who I really like. Paige is great,” Naomie stated.

Naomi then said that while she and Craig are “definitely not” getting back together, fans will have to wait and see what happened between them after her breakup on the upcoming season of Southern Charm.

“You’ll just have to watch the show I guess,” she teased.

As for why she left Southern Charm to begin with, Naomie admitted Metul played a role.

“I thought, I mean, nobody can have a healthy relationship while filming a reality show with somebody that doesn’t film. And he wasn’t going to film because he’s doctor… So a lot of things played into that, but I was totally willing to give up the show for healthy, what I thought to be a healthy and loving relationship,” Naomie explained. “Because that’s what I would prioritize over a reality show.”

In addition to getting back in touch with Craig post-split, Naomie also looked to Patricia Altschul for advice.

“She’s given me great advice over a little caviar, which I was very grateful for, but… to Patricia, men are just like disposable… She basically was just like, ‘F-ck [him]. Just, you know, go date other people. Go do your thing,'” Naomie revealed.

Naomie hasn’t publicly dated anyone since her split from Metul, and according to her, she has some reservations.

“After you’re betrayed and your judgment betrays, you wonder, ‘Can I trust myself again to see somebody’s real intentions? [And] to see the way somebody really is? Am I going to be loved-bombed again and gaslit and manipulated, and then discarded after a few months?’ Because that’s essentially what happened,” she said.

Regarding what she would change about her past romance, Naomie said, “I would never give so much to somebody that reciprocated nothing in return.”

“He would just take and take and take… I’m not just talking financially, I’m talking, you know, emotionally or even a small thing, like cooking dinner. He never one time cooked me a meal in three and a half years. Not one,” she continued.

As for the future, Naomie is focused on her clothing line, L’ABEYE, and her new breakup website,, which she hopes will help others going through heartbreaking splits.

“We’re going to sort of consolidate all these tools that we’ve learned and gathered in the last few months. And if you need help, you know, just go on the website, take a look, share it with a friend, whatever,” she shared.

Southern Charm season eight is expected to premiere sometime in the coming months on Bravo.