Tom Schwartz on Where He Stands With Lala After Randall Feud as Sandoval Admits He Was Blindsided by Katie Split and Talks Bar

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Pump Rules' Tom Schwartz on Where He Stands With Lala as Sandoval Admits He Was Blindsided by Katie Split and Claims Bar Has Been "Extremely Stressful"

Tom Schwartz is opening up about where he stands with Lala Kent after choosing to continue his friendship with her ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett, after he allegedly cheated on his Vanderpump Rules castmate on several occasions, reportedly including when she was pregnant.

After Lala confirmed on Watch What Happens Live that she “cut [Schwartz] out” after learning he had been spending time with Randall, Schwartz admitted things were “awkward” between them before sharing what he likes to do with his film producer “buddy.”

“I love Lala. I have nothing but good things to say about her. So there’s no hard feelings,” Schwartz told E! News as he and his Pump Rules castmates attended the opening of Vanderpump à Paris. “I know she’s going through a lot. So, I’m saying to give her some space. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s kind of awkward. I don’t really know what to say.”

According to Schwartz, who described Randall as his “buddy,” he enjoys playing poker and pickleball with Randall, even though he insists he has “a lot of respect for Lala.”

After Lala confirmed the end of her friendship with Schwartz, Katie Maloney, who noted a failure to side with her in situations as a reason behind her split from Schwartz, said she “can’t fault” Lala for cutting ties with her estranged spouse.

Although Lala previously noted that she wouldn’t want to be involved with Lisa Vanderpump if she too had continued her friendship with Randall, she told E! News at the event that she didn’t know if they were still in touch.

“That, I don’t know. I hope not, for her sake,” she stated.

While also attending the opening of Lisa’s newest restaurant in Las Vegas, Tom Sandoval was asked about Schwartz’s split from Katie, who described their parting of ways as the “best, healthiest, positive thing,” and admitted he had “no idea” about the breakup until he read their statements on Instagram.

“It literally, like, b-tch slapped me across the face. I had no idea. Like, totally knocked the cool out of my walk,” Sandoval told Us Weekly. “It’s not easy. For me, personally, as a friend, like, seeing that happen, it crushes me.. [But] they seem to be doing pretty well, considering.”

Also during the interview, Sandoval admitted that things have been “extremely stressful” for him and Schwartz as they prepare to open Schwartz & Sandy’s.

“We’ve learned a lot of things the hard way, which, you know, it’s funny when you learn things the hard way, you never forget ’em,” Sandoval said. “And I feel like Schwartz, and I have really grown as friends but also as a business relationship and I’m really excited when everything, when it’s going to be open in, like, two months.”

No word yet on a 10th season of Vanderpump Rules.

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