Melissa Gorga Suggests Teresa Should Quit RHONJ Since “She Doesn’t Enjoy It Anymore,” Shares Update on Relationship After Reunion, and Defends Joe Gorga

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Melissa Gorga Suggests Teresa Should Quit RHONJ Since "She Doesn’t Enjoy It Anymore," Shares Update on Relationship After Reunion, and Defends Joe Gorga

Melissa Gorga looked back at the dramatic reunion taping for The Real Housewives of New Jersey during a talk show appearance on Tuesday.

Before shading Jennifer Aydin‘s ability to be authentic and looking forward to season 14, Melissa shared her thoughts on Andy Cohen‘s unprecedented meltdown, Joe Gorga‘s early exit, and Teresa Giudice‘s decision to include “basically everyone in the family except [her]” in her wedding party.

“I’ve never seen Andy react this way. He was like a toddler that was like mad, that wanted candy. He was so annoyed,” Melissa recalled on the May 3 episode of The Wendy Williams Show, via YouTube. “Everyone was really over-talking one another, he couldn’t get a word in edgewise and he just lost it.”

Joe also lost it after Teresa doubled down on Jennifer’s claim of him being a “b-tch boy.”

“He was very, very insulted,” Melissa admitted. “He is not there cuz he wants to all the time. I think people get that misconstrued, that he’s just there because he wants to hang with the girls. Joe is an actual cast member on the show.”

Prior to Joe’s storm-off, the topic of Teresa’s bridesmaid snub was addressed. And while Melissa said that she wasn’t exactly expecting to be a part of Teresa’s bridal party, she didn’t initially realize who would be featured.

“When I found out she was putting all Luis’ sisters and Luis’ sisters’ husbands, basically everyone in the family except for me, it was a little rough to hear at first,” Melissa admitted. “But I understand it’s her wedding and whatever she wants is fine and I wish them happiness.”

As for where they stand today, Melissa said, “We will text back and forth if we need to about the kids, about birthdays, about things we have to. Teresa and I are not best friends. We never will be and that’s just how it is.”

Melissa has also struggled to get close to Jennifer, which she suspects is due to Jennifer’s relationship with her sister-in-law.

“I always try every season to put my best foot forward with her and see where it goes. [But] I feel like she’s very concerned most of the time with what Teresa’s gonna think, which makes her… I don’t get that authentic Jennifer, which annoys me,” Melisa noted. “I want a relationship with Jennifer outside of Teresa.”

Although Teresa felt that many were trying to pop her love bubble amid RHONJ season 12, Melissa said she wants Teresa to get her happily ever after and noted that Luis Ruelas “says all the right things.”

“He seems like he’s into it. He’s in love with her. They seem like they’re very happy together so I wish them the best,” she said.

When Melissa was then asked about the feud between Teresa and Margaret, which remained strong throughout recent episodes, she confirmed they are “still not on speaking terms” after the “rough” reunion.

“I think Margaret was asking a lot of questions. Obviously, Teresa hates that. But they were valid questions… You’re on a reality show,” Melissa stated. “Whatever’s going on on the web and on the internet and in the press, we’re going to ask you about… We all have to discuss anything that goes on.”

Then, addressing the possibility of Teresa leaving the show to protect her relationship, Melissa said she doesn’t know if that “would ever happen.”

“I do think that she’s come to a point where she doesn’t enjoy it anymore and it’s very obvious that she doesn’t enjoy it,” Melissa said. “She doesn’t want to do a lot of the activities that we do. She didn’t want to sing with us. She didn’t want to climb the trees with us. She kind of rolls her eyes to everything so I think that if it is making her unhappy and she has a guy who’s financially stable and they want to be happy, then she should do that. Why do this if you don’t need to?”

Also during the interview, Melissa was asked about Traci Lynn Johnson‘s future on the show amid rumors she’s been fired.

“I hope so. I love them so much. I hope we’ll still see them. They’re good friends of mine so yes, I think you’ll see more of them,” she shared.

In addition to staying close with Traci, Melissa said Margaret is the cast member she’s closest to off-camera.

Part two of the three-part Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 reunion airs Tuesday, May 10, at 8/7c on Bravo.