RHOSLC’s Heather Gay Questions Friendship With Jen Shah and Shades “6th Grade” Behavior After Ultimatum as Lisa Suggests She’s Two-Faced

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHOSLC's Heather Gay Wonders If She's "Cut Out" for Jen Shah Friendship and Shades "6th Grade" Behavior After Ultimatum as Lisa Suggests She's Two-Faced

Credit: Bravo

Heather Gay found herself feeling overwhelmed following what she described as “the Heather takedown dinner” in San Diego.

After a blowout moment with longtime friend Jen Shah, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member wondered if she’s “cut out” for their friendship and said that while she was thrilled to become a Housewife, she may “be in over [her] head.”

“I just felt tired and sad and overwhelmed,” Heather admitted on a recent episode of the RHOSLC: After Show. “I just felt like even when you win, you lose.”

Although Heather was doing her best to be a friend to Jen, especially as she faced charges of fraud, her allegiance to her castmate caused friction with others, including Angie Harrington. Jen demanded that Heather end her friendship with Angie following the reveal of Angie’s husband’s Shahxposed Instagram account.

“I just didn’t know how to show up as a friend for everyone,” Heather explained. “I felt like I shouldn’t have been invited on the trip and maybe not be cut out to manage this friendship with you, Jen. It’s getting to be too hard.”

Heather also felt that Angie Katsanevas “[seemed] to conveniently turn on [her],” and she noted that Whitney Rose “hates” her and that Lisa Barlow has “always hated” her.

“I just felt like, I don’t know if I’m cut out for this,” she noted.

Meanwhile, as she looked back on their San Diego getaway, Meredith Marks, who failed miserably at being the CEO of fun on the trip, recalled Heather reaching her limit, and she said Heather’s falling out with former bestie (and cousin) Whitney likely prompted her outburst of emotion.

“I think it was very hard on Heather emotionally. I think that, coupled with her feeling like she had been really supportive of Jen and the feeling kind of in the middle between Jen and Angie [H.], who she had gotten very close to over the course of the last year, it was just too much,” Meredith suspected, adding that once Heather realized “nothing positive [was] going to come from [her] actions,” she should’ve disengaged.

But Heather didn’t appreciate Jen’s friendship ultimatum, and she felt that their RHOSLC co-stars had only exacerbated the situation.

“Is this sixth grade? It felt forced,” she shared. “[And] it [felt] like people are riling Jen up.”

And Danna Bui-Negrete agreed, calling Jen’s ultimatum “f-cked up” as Angie K. recalled Jen claiming that Heather had been a “sh-tty friend.”

“Jen had told me a lot of things Heather had done to her and that she had, in Jen’s words, been a sh-tty friend to her,” Angie K. revealed.

One particular thing that Jen was upset about, understandably, was Chris Harrington‘s Instagram account.

“To be friends with someone that opened up a fake account about her, I could kind of see where Jen was coming from in that moment to say, ‘If you’re really my ride or die, my friend, why are you continuing a friendship with someone that opened up fake accounts about me?’” Angie K. stated. “So to be friends with [Angie H.] or want to continue to bring her around, it’s like, go be friends with her at lunch somewhere else but stop bringing her around the friend group because you know the pain her and her family has caused Jen.”

As for Lisa, she commented on Jen’s suggestion that Heather hasn’t been a good friend and says one thing while doing another before accusing Heather of talking “out of both sides of her mouth.”

“Heather’s constantly like, ‘I’m Jen’s friend.’ But then saying other things behind Jen’s back,” Lisa alleged. “Jen’s basically asking Heather, ‘Be the friend you keep saying you’re being.’”

According to Lisa, she doesn’t believe Jen’s friendship ultimatum was truly about Angie H.

“I don’t even think it has to do with a person or anything else. I think it literally is like, ‘You keep telling me you’re my friend. Don’t tell me you’re my friend. Show me. This is one thing that you can do that like it’s clear, cut and dry right in front of us,’” she explained.

Still, Heather wasn’t ready to call it quits with Angie H.

“I’ve never exacted an ultimatum from any of my friends in charged situations, she feels dramatic and it feels like this is not the line in the sand I wanna draw but like, I’m not gonna back down either,” she stated. “It just seems stupid.”

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