Melissa Gorga Reveals Last Time She Spoke to Teresa Giudice, Talks Cheating Rumors, Plus “Mind-Boggling” Claims of How She Joined RHONJ

by Lindsay Cronin
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Melissa Gorga on Last Time She Spoke to Teresa, Joe and Luis' Fight, and Cheating Rumors, Plus Reconciliation, "Mind-Boggling" Claims of How She Joined RHONJ

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice are currently estranged. And, according to a new interview, the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast members haven’t seen or spoken to one another in months.

As she promoted the new season of the Bravo reality series, Melissa dished on the near-physical fight her husband Joe Gorga got into with Luis Ruelas, the cheating rumors against her, and the ongoing reports regarding how she got cast on the show after first revealing when she last spoke to her sister-in-law.

“The finale,” Melissa confirmed to Entertainment Tonight on February 7.

As RHONJ fans may have heard, a massive spat broke out amongst the cast as they filmed the season 13 finale last summer that ultimately led Melissa and Joe to skip Teresa and Luis’ wedding. However, despite being seen screaming at one another in the trailer, Melissa confirmed Joe and Luis did not physically harm one another.

“It’s like the worst part but it doesn’t happen, thank God,” Melissa shared, noting that she didn’t “like” the drama that went down.

Another thing Melissa didn’t like was the cheating rumors that arose amid season 13. As fans may have heard, Jennifer Aydin allegedly brought up the false reports after supposedly being “pushed” to do so by Teresa.

“It’s a completely made-up facade thing and then they went with that and that to me is very frustrating because I’m married with kids and that’s a low blow,” Melissa stated. “It’s just a low blow.”

Prior to the rumors being shared, Melissa and Teresa were already in a rocky place due to Melissa being left out of Teresa’s bridal party, which Teresa has suggested was due to her drama with Margaret Josephs last year, and the role Melissa potentially had in it.

“I think it’s crazy. It makes zero sense,” Melissa admitted of the idea. “She’s literally holding me accountable for that but she’s forgiven Margaret for it.”

In recent months, Teresa has suggested she’s finally started to watch the show in an effort to learn what was going on behind her back.

“Let’s go backwards more than we already have. Does that make sense to anyone?” Melissa wondered.

While Melissa doesn’t think Teresa traveling back in time through the old episodes is a good idea, she said she hopes she takes note of her mistakes.

“I would like her to see her behavior,” she revealed. “Please go back and watch. I want to move forward. I love the new girls. Please bring the new girls. We need new and refreshing. If Teresa wants to b-tch about season 10, she can b-tch all on her own. I don’t care what happened in 2010. I just don’t give a sh-t.”

Although Melissa doesn’t want to rehash old issues, she said she understands the ongoing questions she gets about her family’s hardships, explaining, “I’m not in denial that I’m on a show with my family.”

In the past, Melissa and Teresa have had their ups and downs. But, when asked if a future reconciliation was possible this time around, Melissa didn’t seem so sure.

“I don’t see it as much as I used to. I don’t see us as of now, as sad as it is. I don’t know where we go from here. If I’m being honest, this is definitely the lowest of the low,” Melissa shared, admitting their feud is the worst it’s ever been.

“I think it’s really sad,” she went on. “It’s so crazy. I don’t know. There are two sides to this family. So one side can’t take all the heat for everything and all the blame. If the other side of the family wants to take zero accountability for anything then this is not gonna work.”

Also during the interview, Melissa clapped back at the suggestion that it has been proved that she lied about joining RHONJ behind Teresa’s back.

“At this point, it’s kinda funny,” she stated. “At this point, we’ve talked about it in every interview that we’ve ever done. Even She and I said on [Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip], ‘Okay, you have your version. I have mine. we are never going to agree on this.’ And it’s like, I let it go just because I think I move forward in life with things. If I keep bringing up things that have happened with [Kim DePaola] or old friends, are we gonna move forward? Like, how long are we gonna talk about the fact that Melissa Gorga is on [RHONJ].

“It’s actually mind-boggling at this point,” she continued. “The stories do not add up. They just don’t. I’m sorry. No matter how badly you try to like backtrack it and make it seem like it was some kind of crazy thing that we were scheming up, it was not. How are we actually having this conversation again? It’s weird.”

Despite the drama Melissa faced amid production on season 13, she said she “didn’t” feel attacked and added that she believes she has her “truth.”

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