VIDEO: See Hulu Trailer For Randall Emmett Doc as He’s Accused of Drug Use, and Mistreating Staff, Plus Lala Worries for Daughter Ocean in ‘The Randall Scandal’

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VIDEO: See Hulu Trailer For Randall Emmett Doc as He's Accused of Drug Use, Using N-Word, and Mistreating Staff, Plus Lala Worries for Daughter Ocean in 'The Randall Scandal'

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Just under a year after he was targeted by The Los Angeles Times in a disturbing exposé, Hollywood producer Randall Emmett, the former fiancé of Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, is being spotlighted in a new Hulu documentary.

With help from Lala and her family, including mom Lisa Burningham and brother Easton Burningham, and several of Randall’s ex-employees, the streaming service is releasing what is being described as “the craziest story” about Randall’s “outrageous,” “devastating,” and “insane” behavior.

“Randall Emmett is sketch as best,” a woman declares as the sneak peek at The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing, & Vanderpump begins.

“The lifestyle, the Rolls Royces, the jets… He paid so much just to have status,” a man adds.

Throughout the upcoming documentary, experts will try to answer the question of “Who is Randall Emmett, really?”

As one woman notes, “Randall was publicly at an apex of his career. He worked with Bruce Willis … But really behind the scenes, things were already starting to fall apart.”

After another noted that Randall had also teamed up with Martin Scorsese and 50 Cent on film projects, a man signals to Randall’s 2019 feud with the rapper, during which 50 Cent exposed Randall’s secret debt.

“50 Cent suddenly goes on Instagram and says, ‘Randall, you owe me $1 million,'” the person shares.

“Then 50 Cent posts, ‘Money by Monday, Randall,'” adds podcaster David Yontef, who also notes that if it weren’t for Pump Rules, he’d have no idea who Randall was.

“He made a fateful decision to go on camera on Vanderpump Rules,” a female voice states as the many lawsuits against Randall are mentioned.

“[There were] over 30 lawsuits,” someone shares.

And one of those lawsuits, which accused Randall of racial discrimination, seemed to be discussed.

“He was awful to everyone … The n-word being used is where I draw the line,” a man states.

Another person adds, “He just came off as someone who was extremely self-absorbed.”

In addition to Randall’s former personal assistant, viewers will hear from his ex-executive assistant and others who’ve worked for him in the past.

“My first interaction with Randall was him in his underwear,” one person reveals as “a bag of cocaine” and the producer being “totally naked” are also mentioned.

As for Lala, the Pump Rules star admitted to major regrets about her and Randall’s time together.

“How could I not have been smarter? Like, I beat myself up daily. How is my daughter having to pay for my stupidity and me keeping my blinders on and not wanting to see red flags?” Lala asks, giving a nod to the two-year-old daughter she shares with Randall.

At that point, Lala’s mom is seen, and she tells the cameras, “Randall and Lala’s relationship started to fall apart. To have your daughter living her life that way made me feel very sad.”

“I hate Randall Emmett,” Easton declares.

Also in the trailer, a woman is heard saying, “It’s just astounding that he’s somewhere still playing the victim when what he’s actually done is damage and hurt other people.”

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The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing, & Vanderpump begins streaming on May 22 on Hulu.