Lisa Rinna Dishes on RHOBH Exit, the “One” Supportive Castmate & If She Watches Show, Plus She Talks Sex at 60, Daughters’ Reaction to Wild Antics, “[Prostituting]” Herself, & Mom’s Death, and Live Viewing Thread

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Lisa Rinna Dishes on RHOBH Exit, the "One" Supportive Castmate & If She Watches Show, Plus She Talks Sex at 60, Daughters' Reaction to Wild Antics, "[Prostituting]" Herself, & Mom's Death, and Live Viewing Thread

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Lisa Rinna has landed on the cover of Cosmopolitan. And in true form, she’s made quite the splash.

In addition to posing in a sparkly sheer jumpsuit, exposing her nipples to readers, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, 60, opened up about her sex life with Harry Hamlin, 72, explained how her daughters Delilah Hamlin, 25, and Amelia Hamlin, 22, have reacted to having her as a mom, and admitted to “[prostituting]” herself in the entertainment industry while also looking back on her mom’s death, her Bravo exit, and more.

“I have not always been this in touch with my sexuality at all. I grew up very repressed, like everybody did in the ’60s. It just wasn’t something that nice girls did or talked about or flaunted, especially not in Medford, Oregon, where I was raised,” Lisa admitted in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

Even when she first met Harry, Lisa was not the woman people know today.

“Harry is so accepting of who I am and always has been, and so I’ve grown into that. He’s been a supportive partner this whole time, 31 years later … [And] within those 31 years, I had children … And then I had postpartum depression and I completely lost my mojo,” she shared.

While Lisa felt hopeless amid her struggles with postpartum depression, an antidepressant helped tremendously, and a pole dancing class helped her reclaim her mojo.

“That changed everything, because it felt safe,” she explained. “It changed my whole perception and fear about sexuality and expressing yourself. I did it for a good two years, and I don’t think I ever looked back. Then I was just able to really be open, really share it. Harry was thrilled, obviously. I mean, I learned a lot of really good tricks.”

When Lisa was ultimately faced with menopause, she was initially concerned about taking hormones due to a potential breast cancer risk, as the disease runs in her family. But once she saw an Eastern-Western medicine doctor and figured out the right mix that actually protects her from the disease, she began to thrive once again.

“They have been really helpful in my being able to stay feeling good about myself,” she noted. “For me, it’s about finding a way to just be comfortable and not put pressure on myself as to who I am in this moment at 60 years old.”

Although Lisa confessed that she doesn’t “want to have sex every five seconds,” she said she and Harry do their best to make time for one another.

“I think that it’s almost more about companionship and about creating space for the ebb and flow of sexuality. We really have great sex together, and we always have. It’s just that maybe it doesn’t happen quite as often as it did when you’re in your 30s and in your 20s,” she shared.

When Lisa’s Instagram bio was then mentioned, in which she proclaims herself as a “hustler,” she admitted she’s “prostituted [herself] out.”

“I’ve sold my soul; I’ve prostituted myself. I’ve done many things, but at least I know exactly what I’ve done and the price I’ve paid. And come on, we’re all human,” she reasoned.

Throughout the decades she’s spent in entertainment, Lisa has learned not to care about the opinions of others.

“I just don’t give a sh*t about what people think about me, and that has been a tremendous gift that I have learned,” she proclaimed. “Everything that I’ve gone through has brought me to this point where I do not f*cking care what anybody thinks about me. I don’t need your approval.”

That said, she can’t imagine what it’s like for Delilah and Amelia.

“Imagine having me as your mom and opening up your Instagram and I’m, like, dancing or doing some funny thing,” she posed. “I think that if you look at them and you see what they’ve accomplished at such a young age, I don’t think it’s a negative. I think it’s actually a positive, because they see that anything is possible. Like today, my daughter said, ‘Oh my god, Mom, you’re a rock star.’ I was showing her photos from this shoot, and I thought, ‘That’s a cool thing to hear from your 22-year-old.’”

During Lisa’s final season on RHOBH, she was met with the tragic death of her beloved mother, Lois Rinna, which she now says “changed [her] whole life.”

“I lost my mind. I went crazy. I was filming. I was trying to grieve in public. And I went absolutely insane in the process until I removed myself from the situation and was really able to sit and grieve more properly,” she explained, adding that leaving Bravo helped her to properly grieve the loss.

“I would say the therapy was the most helpful and absolutely saved me, as did getting off the show and getting out of that environment so that I could have peace, and so I could just allow myself to be. I had to leave that situation in order to find myself again,” she shared.

On the premiere episode of RHOBH season 13, after speculation regarding a potential firing, Lisa’s exit letter to producers was aired.

“I had no idea. Nobody gave me a heads-up,” Lisa revealed of the scene. “I mean, a week before it aired, somebody sent it to me because Bravo had sent out a preview of the episode. So I thought, ‘Wow, look at that.’ Because, of course, everyone thought I’d been fired. But no, I made that decision.”

Looking back, Lisa said, “It was the right decision to make, at the time.”

“I didn’t regret it when I sent the letter, and I haven’t regretted it since,” she continued.

Following her exit from the show, Lisa quit watching the series.

“I’m not [watching]. I think that when you leave a job that you’ve had for eight years, you have to really disengage, and I had to disengage completely for my own sanity,” she stated. “I have my friends that I talk to, and they will always be my friends, because they became my friends through the show.”

While Lisa certainly gained several friends during her eight years on RHOBH, she said it was Erika Jayne, 52, who supported her when she was the most vulnerable.

“There was one. Erika Jayne was very supportive of me and helped me through that time. Our pain connected us really well at the time,” Lisa revealed, adding, “Diana Jenkins, who came on the show very, very briefly, she also has been a great support.”

In addition to having no regrets about leaving Bravo, Lisa also said she doesn’t regret joining the series to begin with, saying it was one of the “greatest decisions [she’s] ever made.”

“That show brought me so many positives. It was a great thing for me to do at the time, absolutely great. And it was the right time for me to go. I think it served its purpose for both of us, for me and for Bravo. Absolutely,” she declared.

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