Vanderpump Rules Cast and Brittany Reveal If They Believe Jax Hooked Up With Lindsay Lohan! Stassi Addresses Mom’s Criticism & Lala Responds to Hypocrisy Claims Over Past Katie Comments

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Vanderpump Rules Cast talk Jax and Lindsay Lohan Feud. Stassi talks Mom and Lala addresses Hypocrisy Backlash

The ladies of Vanderpump Rules appeared on last night’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where they addressed Lindsay Lohan‘s recent denial of a hookup with Jax Taylor.

During the show, the women revealed their thoughts on the supposed years-old hookup and addressed a number of other issues, including a potential prenup between Jax and his fiancé, Brittany Cartwright, the on-screen antics of Stassi Schroder‘s mom, plus Lala Kent fired back at claims that she’s a hypocrite. 

“What was your reaction to Lindsay Lohan claiming on this show that she never slept with Jax? Do you believe her or Jax?” Andy asked the ladies.

“Jax,” Kristen Doute replied, with the other ladies nodding in agreement.

“Jax,” Scheana Marie also stated, before adding that Lindsay likely “just doesn’t remember.”

As for Brittany, she also believes Jax and Lindsay hooked up.

“I actually do believe him and his friends backed him up. So that’s why I believe Jax,” she explained.

During an episode of WWHL last week, Lindsay told Andy that she not only had not hooked up with Jax, she hadn’t even met him. Shortly thereafter, Jax refuted her claims and shared a text message exchange with a friend who claimed their rendezvous took place shortly after Lindsay completed a stint in rehab.

As Vanderpump Rules fans well know, Jax has long moved on from his alleged hookup with Lindsay and is now in the midst of planning his summer wedding with Brittany.

When asked if she and Taylor would be signing a prenuptial agreement before they say “I do,” Brittany said that while the topic has been brought up, she and Jax opted against it.

“No, I mean, we’ve talked about it but yeah… We don’t think we want to,” she said.

Later on in the episode, Stassi was asked about the recent meltdown suffered by her mother, Dayna Schroeder. On Monday, Dayna was seen bursting into tears after making critical statements about her daughter’s love life and future with boyfriend Beau Clark.

“That wasn’t good. It wasn’t good… It was uncomfortable,” Stassi recalled.

Luckily, her boyfriend didn’t let any of Dayna’s comments impact their relationship.

“Beau’s such a good [guy]… It rolls off his back,” she explained.

Lala also responded to the recent backlash against her and her castmates regarding their treatment of James Kennedy, who got fired for body-shaming Katie Maloney. A caller brought up the fact that Lala had also once poked fun at Katie’s weight.

“I’m so over this. That was like such a long time ago,” sniped Lala.

Andy, however, reminded her that it was only “like two years ago” when it happened. Still, Lala insisted, she was truly sorry for her actions, unlike James.

“We’re focusing on what’s happening right now. I’m not still calling her those things. I apologized,” explained Lala. “I’m the type of person where if you apologize, that means you’re not going to do it again. So, there’s a ginormous difference. This is still happening today. Last week, yesterday, right now.”

“We’ve all done that, but when you apologize and then you atone and grow. You don’t do it again. He doesn’t do that,” added Katie.

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Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo