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Does Dorinda Medley Feel Vindicated After Watching LuAnn Turn Against Bethenny on RHONY? Plus She Dishes On Their Berkshires Drama

Does RHONY's Dorinda Medley Feel Vindicated After Watching LuAnn de Lesseps Take Bethenny Frankel For Granted?

Does RHONY's Dorinda Medley Feel Vindicated After Watching LuAnn de Lesseps Take Bethenny Frankel For Granted?

Dorinda Medley is addressing the latest drama on The Real Housewives of New York City.

In addition to admitting that she “absolutely” feels vindicated after seeing how LuAnn de Lesseps turned on Bethenny Frankel during the latest episode of the show, Dorinda opened up about her confrontation with LuAnn in The Berkshires.

As most viewers will recall, Bethenny played a major role in Luann’s return to rehab last year following an intervention, and then it was revealed on this season of RHONY that Bethenny might have also helped Luann financially. However, upon hearing that Bethenny had asked Dorinda for the best room in her Berkshires home, Luann took issue with that and mocked Bethenny over it.

“Absolutely, because you’ve got to remember this isn’t the first time,” Dorinda said when asked about feeling vindicated by a caller on Wednesday night’s Watch What Happens Live After Show. “There was Barbara, then there’s me, then there’s Bethenny. And you know what? As Dr. Phil said, ‘Past behavior represents future behavior.'”

Amid a number of shocking moments in The Berkshires, including a meltdown by Sonja Morgan over the Morgan family letters and a breakdown from Tinsley Mortimer regarding her strained relationship with on-again, off-again boyfriend Scott Kluth, Dorinda was involved in a tense moment with LuAnn, who threw a fit over being assigned the ‘shark room’ in Dorinda’s home.

“My mantra was: Take the high road, there’s less traffic up there,” Dorinda shared about trying to mend her friendship with Luann following a feud last season.

“Because my goal was to get her… I didn’t want her to be able to distract what I was trying to do,” she explained. “The point was trying to finally talk with her and ask her, ‘Do you want to be friends or not?’ I mean, I’m not continuing this. And I knew she would use any point to make an excuse not to go there because LuAnn doesn’t always like to confront things.”

The Real Housewives of New York City season 11 airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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  1. Shut up Dorinda, you were vile to Luann last season and you know it. Luann fusing about a room assignment is nothing compared to your back stabbing.

  2. I like all of the housewives in NY, warts and all. Every season there is 1 or 2 of them acting crazy, rude or obnoxious. And usually one of them is drinking too much. They fight, make up, then have fun together.

    BH & OC are not like NY. With BH & OC, there are always petty underlying disputes that never get resolved. Or the women pretend to be friends (Dorit & Erika/Teddi & Erika). IMO, NY is the best franchise.

    1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I’ve always loved NY. Even in the seasons people thought weren’t so good, to me were better than most of the recent OC and BH seasons.

  3. Dorinda is messy, but I still ❤️ her cuz she’s funny, genuine and usually a good friend.

    IMO, Luann should’ve completed at least one of her stints in rehab. The cabaret act could have waited 2 weeks.
    Leaving early showed Lu’s lack of commitment to the program, and it was a slap in the face to B, who paid at least $30k to get her in there. How Ungrateful! And I can’t stand B!! That’s how fvcked up it is!

    Lu looks better when she’s not on her high horse.

    1. Dorinda is generally likeable but she can be vicious at the drop of a hat, especially when she’s had a few. I don’t think it’s all dirty martinis either.

        1. Booze is the accelerant. The anger continues to smoulder under the surface. I really don’t know enough about her life to guess what it could be, but there’s something dark in her past.

          1. She may still be angry that her husband died. They weren’t married all that long and she loved him very much.

        2. Rage issues Medusa. I think Dodo is more like Lady Whoregan than she cares to admit. In London Dodo was the girl about town. Fabulous people, fabulous connections, fabulous parties. She was also married to someone she respected and now she’s with someone she looks down upon. Her lifestyle has changed remarkably and obviously not to her liking. She keeps regaling about the past, just like sexy J. I think the drinking is a symptom of the same issue. It’s a vicious circle. I could even say the same for D’Lu. They’re all in a hold pattern that they don’t want to let go of.

          1. DoDo’s lifestyle is comfortable. She has a lot of money!!! If she wants to attend a high end event, she does. The slob she’s dating, is like an old slipper. He’s probably GIB (although I don’t want to think about it.) Yet, he’s no mental giant who invokes scintillating conversations. When DoDo is sober, she’s very clever, wistful, & smart. The only time she becomes contentious is when she’s boozed up (or on something else…)

            Luann is probably almost broke. She blew through her settlement from Count Cad. I still am not convinced her main issue is liquor. It’s probably pills.

          2. Well it’s one thing to have money and another thing to be fulfilled. She still knows how to have a good time as we’ve seen. But even at her best and most entertaining, there seems to be a heavy weight on her shoulders. She looks sad even when she’s happy. And happy people don’t drink and seemingly sniff the white stuff.

          3. Fair enough. We look at the same person and see the opposite. You find her to be mostly sad. I see DoDo as relatively cheerful. At times, she has moments of grief that slip in, which overwhelm her. Since her favorite husband passed away just a few years ago, it’s understandable. Losing the love of your life to death, is THE hardest thing.

          4. Yes it is. But then to ask you the same question. Why do you think she drinks so much and gets nasty? She becomes someone else entirely.

          5. Slurinda yes, but not when she’s spittles food particles. That’s a bit too far for me??

          6. I don’t have an answer to that question. When drinking, she goes from affable to psycho-bitch in 60 seconds. I don’t understand that transformation, because I haven’t seen it with anyone I know or personally experienced it.

          7. It is a classic symptom of alcoholism. Personality shift, quick and deadly. One of many symptoms she exhibits, she is a doll when she doesn’t imbibe and when she does she can be cruel and deadly.

          8. I’ve seen that. In vino veritas. What the person is really like comes out when they drink. Mellow people are mellow drunks. Mean people are mean drunks. Dorinda is mean as a snake. Like Ramona.

          9. Oh thank you I was scared to google. I imagine the sheets being left with a big puddle of sweat and body grease lolol. Its a good thing he is a dry cleaner and knows how to get pit stains out

        3. Dorinda seems to suffer from depression.

          Depression is simply anger that turned inwards.
          Because liquor is a depressant, when Dorinda drinks she gets more depressed (angry).

          If she feels someone is trying to humiliate her while she drinking, she turns her anger on them because she feels that they are hurting her when she’s already in pain. The good news is that she quickly get over her anger and feels remorse.

          1. Hmmmmm…. You may be right! Many other Blurbers share your pov.

            I don’t see Dordrinka as depressed. She’s usually upbeat, except when she drinks.

    2. Where did you ever see that Bethenny paid for it? Luann can certainly afford it. Plus, medical insurance covers it up to about a month.

      1. Hi Tap! Apparently, I pulled that out o’ my a*s. When B said that Lu should still be in the rehab B secured for her, I assumed that b paid for it. I found No proof of that.
        My BFF’s ex husband went to rehab twice, and insurance didn’t cover the expenses. Some of it, yes, but not all.
        Happy Easter ?

        1. Happy Easter to you Imoan Toots! You’re right, not all insurance covers it, or covers all of it. And it can be very pricey, like $37,000 to $70,000 for 28 days! Plus, these places have terrible cure rates, like 85% of the people go back on the drink or drug or both. ? That’s supposed to be an Easter bunny!

    3. Is Lu ever off her high horse? I can’t stand that women! With her addiction problems she needs the 90 day program. This is just the lull before the storm. We will be reading about her for something related to alcohol abuse before too long. She thinks she’s the exception to the rule. She’s going to take a long hard fall and Bethenny won’t be there to pick up the pieces again.

      1. Totally agree with you, Terry!
        I generally find her to be insufferable but I still like to watch her (like most of the rhony cast).
        With the exception of Dallas HWs, I mostly hate-watch the other franchises or don’t watch at all. The HWs are jumping the shark IMO.

  4. I’m not sure what DoDo means by claiming she is “vindicated”. Her fight with Luann was separate & apart from everything else happening. DoDo played a major role in their faltering friendship. Once she repaired it, it seemed to be back on track. Why pick on a few remarks Luann made about Barfenny? It’s like picking at a scab. Leave it alone. Mind your own business. Instead, DoDo made sure to stir the pot, by telling Bitchenny that Luann was irritated not to get a nicer room because it was saved for BF. That will cause a whole new FIGHT, to which BFrankelstein will enjoy ripping off Luann’s head.

    1. I think she feels that since Lu turned on Bethenny, it means Lu’s turning on her last season is just par for the Lu course. I think she’s wrong, but I think that’s what she thinks. It helps with her denial issues.

      1. That could be it. Dorinda needs to know when to quit yapping about an issue. She already smoothed over the situation with Lu. Let it alone. BF will handle Lu. LOL

  5. I will always be a Doris fan over Lu. I just will. I can’t explain it so don’t try and make me but Doris will always have a special place in my heart drunk and ranting or making it nice.

    1. Agreed the white top and bleached long hair is a big no for me!
      Dodo definitely looks better with her hair short, that long pony adds 10+ years to her.

  6. I just realized something… after all these seasons of us seeing crazy Ramona and her room antics on the trips, she has never acted that way at Dodo’s manor…….??

    1. Oh yes she has. She tore down the lighting production had put up, ripping off paint and taking out drywall. I think it was in the fish room. It would have been a pretty penny to make those repairs. Dodo’s walls are one of a kind custom painted.

      1. Oh yes, you are right! She did, and then she flubbed up the apology when Do confronted her about it.
        But she never bitched about receiving a room at the beginning like she did on all of the other trips , but they have been friends for many years prior.

  7. Her Countess act and claims are pissing me off!
    1) you did a Shotgun wedding after meeting a older man for a few weeks, who Surprisingly had a lot of money, had your babies and had 16ish years….. the guy moved on and told you he didn’t want u Lu
    2)we know you let him run around cheating and you did also but later was revealed that y’all were both out on the town and having sex with many other people while pretending to be married
    3) after your divorce you had a courtesy title as a countess which you chose to give up for your Cheating Tom, remember the one you bragged about that wanted you and not the other women but apparently he wanted all the other women and many more
    4) I wish your kids and the count would sue you every single time you refer to yourself as a countess because you are not, also you’re not above anyone and shouldn’t expect to tell people how to act or what to do because obviously everything you have said and done all the seasons is smoke and mirrors to what you pretend to be, Rosie raised those kids while you partied.

    1. Hell yeah!!
      She also called her cast members “Jealous bitches” for 1-2 years on national television cuz they warned her about cheating Tom. Did she ever apologize for that?

      1. Hell no…. she hasn’t taken accountability for that or anything else she has done
        Even her drinking and crazy behavior is always blamed on something else

        1. That’s why I know she’s not working any program. She hasn’t apologized to anyone and from my understanding that is part of that 12 step program they work.

  8. Really Dorinda? “Take the high road”? You get drunk and become nasty and throw things in people’s faces…so for you to say “take the high road” is laughable.

  9. I think theres something wrong with me as the fish room wouldn’t bother me. I could never stay in one of those rooms where you are surrounded by a giant aquarium it would flip me out Id be up all night listening to see if I heard water dripping. Is it the only room without a bathroom cuz that would be my priority not sharing a bathroom?

      1. I agree, and if I worked so hard to accommodate all of the women and they acted that way in my home, I would not be so nice either!
        (We had 19 family members once for spring break and it was stressful af??‍♀️)

          1. Yes, IMHO miss Barb the builder is looking like a total diva bitch!
            And who the hell ask to sit a the head of the table on a seated dinner that clearly had names placed. She may be trying to catch the total bitch card for camera time maybe, because she has been too much.

          2. Hi FDD, hope your Friday is going well!

            I think Dodo should decorate the basement and anyone that complains get a ticket, do not pass Go and do not collect $200 ?
            You know she does awesome at decorating so this might be fun for her.

          3. Agree… and I was glad we got to see more of the patio’s and pool area, was beautiful and manicured perfectly.

          4. The pool area was magnificent. At first I thought it was a quick shot of somewhere in France. LOL

          5. I agree, loved the shot of the beautiful rolling hills in the veiw.
            I can see why she loves her place so much and is so proud of it.

    1. It wouldn’t really bother me either Nellie, I do find her taste rather…. I don’t know what I think. But it wouldn’t keep me awake at night. I don’t sleep with my eyes open.

        1. I think she should have some of those singing fish added to the wall and set them to go off in the middle of the night.

  10. Oh puhleeze, Dorinda has her own set of issues. Sonja accused her of being a coke head and we have all seen her in rare form(Giovanni, Giovanni)..Dorinda’s loyalty is always storyline based and she will align herself with whomever is more relevant at that moment..

  11. Oh puhleeze, Dorinda has her own set of issues. Sonja accused her of being a coke head and we have all seen her in rare form(Giovanni, Giovanni)..Dorinda’s loyalty is always storyline based and she will align herself with whomever is more relevant at that moment..

  12. Oh puhleeze, Dorinda has her own set of issues. Sonja accused her of being a coke head and we have all seen her in rare form(Giovanni, Giovanni)..Dorinda’s loyalty is always storyline based and she will align herself with whomever is more relevant at that moment..

  13. I love Dorinda, both Luanne and Barbara were extremely rude about the room situation. Luanne you showed that you have absolutely NO CLASS and Barbara is just a shit stirrer and is also classless.
    Luanne saying all that stuff about Bethany just proves once again that Luanne is a delusional entitled washup. Barbara is just a useless clingon she should be canned

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